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Hi there! It’s party season soon and lately you cannot scroll through Instagram without popping some fashion influencer wearing some reptilian or snake skin print,  so thanks to a collaboration with ROMM’s Boutique in Sliema, Malta, I d like to share these two looks with you!

Why? Because the snakeskin trend that has slowly been gaining traction over the years and has now officially taken over the fashion world and it has slithered its way straight onto the racks and shelves of our favourite clothing stores, and I think it’s safe to say this print has staked its claim. It’s nested, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon!

Well, as you know, I’m always up to try something new. How about you?

Having talked about a lot of black dresses and stylish combinations in other blog posts already, I decided to explore what happens when the colour black and snake skin print are put together. I admit that it is a little adventurous to wear this type of combination for a cocktail party or a night out, but that’s exactly where the fun comes from.

I am not asking you to wear such a unique dress every time you go to a party, but do it occasionally to give your friends a nice surprise! After all, such an outfit can be daring,  unique and beautiful at the same time. Dance around the edge of your comfort zone!

IMG_2183Make Up: By MAC COSMETICS MALTA      Hair: Christine Cortis, STYLISTICS



These outfits are both stunning and pretty comfortable  I must say. Ideal for some lovely occasions or staff dinner parties coming up this Christmas or New Year.  You can easily style them to suit your tastes. I wore both with sandals and pulled back hair but you can certainly let your hair down and dance the night away!

My make up here was done by professionals at MAC Cosmetics in Valletta. Hair was pulled up in a hug bun thanks to the magical hair styling hands of Christine Cortis at Stylistics.

I love both looks that are both available at Romm’s boutique this season. The team is very helpful for styling ideas so don’t worry if you don’t know how to put an outfit together. You will be assisted like a VIP at this beautiful shop in Sliema.

Hope you enjoyed this photoshoot held in the Portomaso Marina in Malta, a place close to the Hilton Hotel and many of the best luxury entertainment spots on the island.

While wishing you a fantastic week, I thank you once again for following  my blog, Instagram and Facebook pages.

Make Up: MAC Cosmetics Malta
Hair: Christine Cortis
Photography: Marin Babanov

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