Rosselli – AX Privilege officially opens its doors in Malta

On Thursday 12th, AX Rosselli has opened its doors in an extravagant launch event. Rosselli is the first 5-star luxury hotel in the capital city. Established in a 17th-century building, the hotel prompts a contemporary reflection of the artistic Baroque architecture, bringing forward qualities of exaggerated motion, dramatism and whimsical emotion. The AX Group once again proudly presents a new addition to their portfolio of properties on the island of Malta.



You will find it looking impeccable and classy at the corner of Merchants and St. Christopher’s St where the surroundings of the fortress city hint the timeless memory of the grandeur age of art and extravagance.

The hotel was officially launched last night by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who hailed it as an example of how Malta has managed to tap into the luxury tourism niche in recent years.I thoroughly enjoyed the speech by Claire Zammit Xuereb, AX Group Hospitality Director. She spoke about how Rosselli came about, her years as a child working at the Suncrest to learn about hospitality and to greet guests. She shared her thoughts and gratititude for the team who has helped to launch this hotel in the heart of Valletta, always with people’s experiences in mind.

“People need to experience Valletta one of the most beautiful, astonishing, unique, authentic cities in the world and we need to welcome guests who will talk about us and bring more guests to experience this country and this property in Valletta.” said Claire Zammit Xuereb

Rosselli is named after Pietro Rosselli, a well-established goldsmith and philanthropist who used to live in the building back in the 1600s and took the traditional Renaissance style of the Casa and infused it with his contemporary perspectives.

The opening night was well organised and it felt so heart warming to see all the Xuereb family together celebrating this special moment with their guests, including myself. So honoured once again to be at this moment in time where people are making history, they are making their once ideas and dreams manifest into beautiful realities right now.












I wish this hotel great success and I thank you all for having me attend your special day.

Look forward to many more stories and adventures from the AX Group.

Much love to all



Was wearing

Dress: Patrizia Pepe @ Romm’s Boutique
Purse: Patrizia Pepe
Make Up: MAC Cosmetics
Hair: Christine Cortis

Photos courtesy of AX Group

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  1. Many heartfelt thanks for the amazing invitation .
    We had a blast even though we were underdressed!
    We can’t wait to come back and visit the Rosselli😄
    Your staff, food and accommodations are AMAZING!
    With love ,

    The crazy Californians

    Cindy and a Lyle

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