Proud To Be

Together We Stand to Celebrate All the Colours of the Rainbow

#ProudToBe #TogetherIsBetter #GayPride

It’s officially Pride month so with the LGBTQ community in mind, I, Grazielle have teamed up with some of my gorgeous gay friends Daron, Clinton, Rosario and Tristan to create this feature to share with you because we feel that in the time we’re living in at the moment, confidence is needed more than ever and we need to be able to speak our TRUTHS whatever they may be. Communication and love among us all is key to success and progress on this planet. There seems to be a real mission behind the scenes to dampen everyone’s confidence and divide people, and I feel that we must stand up and use fashion, music and art and any other form of communication to counteract that and be used to bring people together again!


For my look thanks goes to Gaetano Couture for my shimmery dress.
To MAC Cosmetics Malta for my make up look
To Malcolm Theuma for my hair style and for styling the hair pieces, using Balmain Hair Couture



What unites us all as human beings is that we all believe in Love, we all have families, one of us has a brother or a sister, a mother, a father. We must understand that the more we are understanding and accepting of each other,  everyone’ s personal choices,  when we live with a more welcoming attitude towards people of a sexual preference that is not necessarily similar to ours, we are accepting more of ourselves and showing love towards ourselves. And no one, regardless of age, gender or sexuality deserves to endure any type of abuse, especially from those closest to them.

The rainbow flag,  that we probably don’t see often enough, and this is a flag we all want to see a lot more of. I have friends with children and some of them are questioning whether they’ve been born in the right body. Young people know immediately. As soon as they’re able to express that, they need support systems put in place that families can go to.

They always say, “It’s a phase and they’ll grow out of it.” You know what? Maybe some of the children will, but some of them won’t. It’s a very sensitive subject, but it’s something that I think needs to receive more acknowledgment.

In this current climate of anger and division, it may seem a small thing to acknowledge that what unites us is greater than what divides us. But it is more important than ever. As I have written before, openness and tolerance may prove the strongest forces we have. We must celebrate our diversity, protect and nourish our values, call out injustices and stand up for what we believe in.

So maybe, there’s hope and there is more that brings us together than we think? As a blogger, a voice in the social media sphere, I feel that subjects about humanity and mental attitudes, are my responsability. I am proud to be a messenger of love, hope and joy, a person who can raise awareness about subjects we perhaps hide under the carpet, but I will never be hateful, I will speak from love,  and I will stand firm to my truths.


#ProudToBe #TogetherIsBetter #GayPride

Everyone has something unique in them, we all are unique in our own way. Whatever sexual orientation, race or gender, we are all Human Beings , we all have families, we all face our own individual struggles so the most we can do is to be compassionate with each other and embrace everyone for who they choose to be. To those who bully others verbally or in written form on social media, I ask you to Stop and Love Yourself instead. Chances are that if you are so quick to bully someone else, there is something in yourself that you are not accepting. All of us have a responsibility not to help others spread hate but to spread more joy and love between us every single day. Every day respect your family members, your work colleagues in the office, the person you meet. It’s from our little baby steps on a regular basis that we can Together Change The World Together in a Huge Way!

In this photo shoot, I have these 4 amazing human beings, who come from different walks of life and each has its own story to tell.


I’ ll begin by introducing you to Daron (Insta: @cocotina), known by many as one of the best dancers and choreographers on the island of Malta, a performer with YADA Dance Company and a teacher at the College of Dance. He is a beautiful soul ,who I ve had the pleasure to have as a friend for over 30 years. We don’t meet often, as everyone is busy with their own hectic schedules, but when we do, I feel his brotherly love and I admire his inner beauty so much and his infectious laughter makes me laugh so much.

I remember clearly, that  during our dance classes, ( I used to take classes with Daron many years ago), when we were about 10 years old attending the same dance lessons, I used to be mesmerized by his exotic beauty and the way he oozed sexiness and confidence from a very young age during the dance routines. He knew, and I knew too, from that young age that he was different from the other boys, he was gay, and bless his family for welcoming his choices with love and care from his very young age. His mum has been his rock, his shoulder to cry on. Bless all mums and dads out there who embrace their children and love them for the souls they are. I love him, of course and I ve watched him grow and blossom. He has been an inspiration to me and many others and he just seems to look more gorgeous and beautiful as the years go by. He dances beautifully and it is on the stage where he lets go completely and shares some of his rainbow energy.

Daron is an inspiration to many because he always shines his light and switches on his “show must go on” attitude to life and fights through his pains like a dance warrior in the dance of life. Step by step, he rises and falls and rises again, like the phoenix he needs to burn in his own fire to set himself free and to show his true Colours – and how beautiful they are when we get to see them! The more a person experiences highs and lows in life, the more beautiful a soul they become. Thank you Daron for inspiring us all to be ourselves and to keep dancing through life no matter what!






Second is Clinton Paul known as the Drag Queen by the name of The Clintess
(Insta: @clintonpaulsound)

Clinton is a dreamer, a kind beautiful person, an achiever. She has recently launched himself as a drag queen by the name of The Clintess and will soon be releasing a new album as The Clintess a first in the Maltese islands. When you meet this wonderful human being, whether it’s by day at his day job or at night after one of The Clintess’ singing performances, you always notice the attention to detail, the choice of clothes, make up, accessories. The passion for what she does comes through the sparkle in her dark brown eyes and the way she talks about her latest projects including a new makeup line by the name of Clintees. Yes, an entrepreneur always exploring new adventures. Every time I meet The Clintess I feel so proud to see how she is coming through, shining her rainbow colors, slowly but surely, following her heart and is not looking for approval from anyone but she is setting that example of what Gay Pride is all about. Proud to be herself. Love her so much and wish her so much success in all her endeavors and relationships!


Q.1 What has been the best part of your journey so far?

Each year is an evolution of myself. I am so thankful and blessed that I can always be who I want to be. This year has to be my most memorable one having re branded myself as a Singing Drag Queen and putting out a whole new album. Have attended multiple fashion events, shows, been on the front cover of the Sunday Circle and now gearing up for what’s going to be my most busiest month ever with Malta Pride and my album launch party. The fact that I can be myself in everything that I do, all comes naturally and is more significant.

Q.2 advice would you give to people out there who are scared of showing their true colors?

Throughout the years that I’ve been in the entertainment industry and eventually growing up in the public eye, I’ve learned to always be myself no matter what. People will realise that you are not comfortable or not being who you actually are. Being true to yourself and letting your colors shine is such a beautiful thing that will help you grow as a person.

This was very wise advice. Thank you so much for participating in this campaign, I look , I forward to your album launch and to see you shining your light more and more!





Next up in our diva party is Rosario also known as Masha Fierce in Drag Performances. I have known Rosario for quite a few years now; Initially I met him through my dance lessons at YADA as a beautiful dancer and performer. He has been living in Malta for several years and he feels he has built a good life here, working by day and performing in dance shows in the evenings.


Q: Tell us a little about your Journey and has Malta been welcoming to you as a gay person 

So my drag name is Masha Fierce like Beyonce (Sasha Fierce), my idol who always inspires me to follow my dreams, to make it all by myself and that I can be whoever I want to be. I’ve been living here in Malta for 7-8 years and I believe the answer to your last question is Yes, comparing Malta to Italy (where I come from), it is much more open minded and surely it has provided me with much more opportunities where I’m able to show my art and the passion I have for it. I mostly have to thank Yada and the College of dance that had opened so many doors for me. I remember my first day here on the rock, an 18 year old boy who could not speak a word of English and had never worked before… I’m very thankful and grateful!

Occasionally Masha Fierce gets to dress up, wear her fancy clothes and make up and wigs and enjoy the freedom and creativity that comes with transforming into a Drag. Having fun and enjoying a good laugh with the community that welcomes her is always on her cards and it is such a pleasure to see how elegant she moves. Supported by her family and loved ones, she feels safe and trusts that by showing her true colours, she is showing that she accepts herself as she is – without fear of judgement.

“This is ME and I am proud of where this journey has taken me. It has not been easy but I know i’m on the right path. I look forward to more magic in this world and I wish to create many more great memories!”

Thank you so much Rosario for this. Ti amo moltissimo!




4. TRISTAN  ZAMMIT– TRIHANNA WILDÉ (Insta: @trihanna_wilde)

The 4th beauty under the spotlight is my new friend Tristan known as the temptress Drag Queen TRIHANNA WILDÉ.I managed to speak to the lovely Trihanna behind the scenes of the photoshoot in between takes and I asked her a few things about her life, about her coming out, to share with you.


Q.1 What were the difficulties you faced – if any – when you came forward as a gay person- to family and friends?

Fitting in was always an issue. I used to hang out with a group of friends that didn’t understand me, they would always pass sexist jokes about women which I wasn’t comfortable around, that wasn’t until I found the right group that understood me 100%. From there that’s when I built the courage to come out to my parents. Coming out to my friends was very easy as they are very open minded and knew where i was coming from.

However my parents took it at heart at first, but through additional help from friends and family they understood my sexuality. I didn’t find that much issues with friends and family to be honest, yes at first it was a bumpy road but as i said it got better through time, as for the general public, yes comments were made about me and still to this day I know I will face some people that don’t agree with my sexuality, however since I paid no attention to these people back then, It got much easier for me to block these people out of my life as we speak. I am happier to show myself than to hide in fear. I will not do that.

Q.2 What do you feel when you express yourself as drag?

“Drag has taught me a-lot and I mean A-LOT! When the transformation starts I just feel like a normal teenage boy, but when the female characteristics shine through as I apply the makeup I start feeling good, sexy, fierce, a queen and unstoppable. I feel as if I have a second person inside of my body that waits for the make up and wig to be put on in order for that person to burst out and entertain the audience as much as possible.

You can’t tell me anything when I’m in drag, I feel invincible and my self-esteem goes up instantly, but the best feeling of all is when I hear my fans cheering and chanting ”YASSSS” whenever I give them an outstanding show that Trihanna Wildé delivers. I love it!“

And she truly delivers! If you ever watched her on stage, you will certainly experience a fun show.

Good luck with everything. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being a part of something from the heart, to spread awareness about being Yourself or Finding Yourself in the face of adversity from Society.




I am getting emotional as I write this last paragraph, my heart is about to burst, perhaps because I m so happy we managed to pull this campaign together for the blog in such a limited time. Perhaps because I emphathise so much with these beautiful human beings and I feel blessed to have had the pleasure of joining forces with them to create something together and simply pass on a few messages, Take from them what your consciousness allows at this time.

I do Believe that Now Is The Best Time when We must unite more as human beings. Spread joy and love between us. Lift and help each other even by the simplest of ways. Accept, Love, Forgive and Move Forward.  I wish to believe that there is more that Unites Us than what Divides Us and the only way we can some day in the near future have more PEACE in the World and the Universe is when we Choose LOVE.

LOVE is the answer to ALL the problems we have created for ourselves. 

How to Change The World For The Better? One baby step at a time. Day by day let’s be more kind, more understanding, more compassionate. Let’s every day, as we experience life in a more open state of Consciousness, observe more to see how much more beautiful colours there are in others in their SOUL, not their skin colour or body shape or the country they came from.

When we DIE, physically we leave everything Behind. We are stripped of this temporary character in the play of life and we only take our SOUL out into the heavens.  What will matter at that very moment is What We Have Made From This Life. What Did We Learn. Were We Good Humans? What Legacy Did We Leave For Our Children? All I ask is that we are more AWARE of Our Actions every day and Work More To Help Eachother.

I thank you so for reading this blog today and sharing it with your friends if you liked it. Love you all.

I would like to thank all the persons who made this happen including the 4 Drag Queens, Malcolm Theuma the hairstylist, PHOENICIA HOTEL in Valletta who welcomed us in their Ballroom and treated us to some refreshments throughout the evening, MAC Make up for my make up, Marin the photographer and so many friends who were there during the shoot to cheer us on!

I send you my LOVE and LIGHT today always wishing for a more united front for us and for the generations and beings yet to come!



#TogetherIsBetter #GayPride #ProudtoBE





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