Of Jumpsuits and Rompers

Dresses are the best. I love them. But I also kind of love pants. Sometimes all you need in life is a mix of the two. That’s why we should be thanking our lucky stars that jumpsuits exist.

The main reason I love jumpsuits is because they are one item so it makes getting ready an easier piece of cake. Another reason why I love jumpsuits is it has that instant outfit look of a dress however it is pants making it ten times more comfortable.




Jewelry: GABA / Make Up MAC Cosmetics / Venue Cafe Juliani, Hotel Juliani

Many stylists out there are always ranting about how fantastic layering is, like how they have nothing better to do but stare at our closets and put a tank top under a shirt under a sensible jacket and how this is just so much fun. Erm, sorry but I’m busy. I am a modern woman on the go, some mornings barely manage the eyeshadow to match the lipstick and I need one piece of clothing that looks fantastic because my brain tells me I need to get out of the house pronto or I will be late to my first meeting?

Where do I wear a jumpsuit?

Common question. Anywhere! Depends on the material and the cut. Though I will warn you, you will be the talk of the room because of how fabulous you look. I wore one to an event the other day, and to be honest, I was a bit self-conscious that it wasn’t really proper smart attire, but I went with it being summer vacay mode and you know what !? I received nonstop compliments. Wahoo!

Wear them to dinners and parties, wear a short romper to the beach or when on holiday to some of those fabulous destinations you choose to explore, you can even throw a regular sweater over one and wear it to work. How can I impress on you further that you need to buy a jumpsuit? Just get one.




This one I m wearing is by NILARA brand in Paola Malta. They have many more patterns and shapes and sizes where it is coming from. Well priced too! I styled it here with some beautiful jewelry from GABA – long earrings and a long necklace to match the earrings. (Can’t have enough of long necklaces.. I wear them every day TBH) In these photos, you can see how a combination of pretty jewelry really spruces up the gorgeous jumpsuit and I was ready for anything. Confident, happy and exuding positive energy.











I hope I have enticed you to give it a shot with a Jumpsuit some time!




Jumpsuit: NILARA, Main Street Shopping Arcades, Paola
Make Up: MAC Cosmetics
Hair Malcolm Theuma
Venue Cafe Juliani,Hotel Juliani

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