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A few weeks ago, I had the best time collaborating on this project to share with you all on my Blog and my socials! Let me tell you a little story about the power of networking and bringing people together to expose new talents and entrepreneurs. A few months ago during one of my social networking events “Together is Better” held at FINO, there were two lovely guests attending – Margarita, an entrepreneur and Inna, a blogger.On this occasion, since I was very busy zooming around the place hosting and coordinating, I spoke very briefly to these ladies but it seemed from their feedback, that they were extremely happy to be attending this all ladies event, and we promised we would be in touch after the event to learn more about each other and to see how we can help each other.


Featured in this blog are my daughter Luna and Inna Kay




We are all wearing accessories handmade by DaisyQ Design


She did pass on her details, she kindly left me a little surprise gift and a few months later, we got speaking on Instagram. Margarita at DaisyQ Design is a very talented woman, who makes handmade jewellery and accessories and she is looking to grow her brand and her business. I was so impressed with her work and her enthusiasm that I agreed to create a fashion project on the blog in collaboration with her. Margarita’s passion started about 7  years ago as a hobby. She now sources her beads and crystals from various countries and she spends hours creating unique pieces and creating tutorials for her audience to enjoy on social media. To visit her Instagram page click HERE

Margarita challenged me to style some of her pieces because she said that people love her things but often lack ideas on how to style them. I smiled and I gladly accepted to do this! A few months later, my idea on paper turned into reality and we spent an entire day at the 5-star AX The Palace Hotel with an entire team shooting content to manifest this project.





For this occasion, because this cute, “girls wanna have fun” theme was the order of the day, I invited my 4-year-old daughter Luna together with her soft toy “bunny” to participate. Inna Kay, blogger at who as I mentioned earlier on in the blog, was the person who attended that event with Margarita, was the person I chose to join us – How perfect did all this workout!

We had a team of hairstylists including Malcolm Theuma and Christine Cortis who changed out hairstyles a few times on set. Makeup was courtesy of MAC Cosmetics in Valletta. We did have a great deal of fun styling some of these pieces. I will let the photos do most of the talking, but you can see how versatile and fun these accessories can be. We wore some of the badges,  on the outfits available at Romm’s Boutique but you can easily style them with any dresses or outfits you have. We also had unique hairpiece designs which are so ideal for occasions for both adults and children alike.

Accessories and hair make or break an outfit so it is very important to make time to plan these things when putting outfits together. Even the simplest dress can be spruced up with a clever hairstyle and hair accessory or a badge attached.

IMG_3002Hello! This is Luna 😉



Well, we had a great time on this photoshoot, laughing, talking, joking. My daughter Luna also enjoyed the experience working with her mummy and she took her role very seriously! She was the star of the day I might say and she made me so proud!

I would like to thank you for reading this blog today. I hope you enjoyed this feature together with the photos and the Behind the Scenes!” video too. Should you wish to contact Margarita her contact details for inquiries or customized pieces, her details are at the end of the blog post.















From a social networking event to a collaboration, bringing ladies together is what I would call a successful endeavor in many ways. Grateful to have had this opportunity to put a spotlight on someone so talented and look forward to showing you the next spotlight very soon!

Much love to all



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