Fly high not for the world to see you, but for you to see the entire world

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Inspired by the beautiful blue skies I see this summer morning out of my window, and the soft powder blue colour of this gorgeous flowy gown I wore this week,  I sit gracefully sipping my first cup of coffee, writing this blog post. I hope you are in good spirits today. Remember every day is a new day, a new opportunity so let’s not waste it on negativity where possible.  How wonderful most of us feel during these days in August, because we relax and recharge,  when the summer is really in full swing, the entire island is on a kind of a chill mode for the Santa Marija festivities and me too, I’ve been taking it easy for a few days.  The beauty of island life and family life. Flying high on emotions of gratitude, I can think about many reasons why it is so important for us to keep positive, to keep working on ourselves and at the same time, in that high vibe,  aim higher in our goals and dreams, while keeping rooted and grounded in gratitude. We never know what is coming round the corner, life can be seriously tricky, but we can control how we think and react to every day we live.



The Look

In this blog, I was styled wearing a beautiful evening gown by NILARA, Vazzeri Jewellery at GABA.

Hair was styled in a sleek ponytail by Malcolm Theuma while my make up was done by MAC Cosmetics Malta.



We are all  to created to fly high in life. But like eagles, we also sometimes prefer to remain on the branch of our comfort zone, until we are pushed to show our strengths when faced with adversity. To fly high in life and unlock our true potential, it is necessary that we cut the branch of comfort zone which is becoming a hindrance to our growth and success. Great things in life are only achieved when we dare to step out of the comfort zone.

If we manage to hit new heights, we will manage to see the world with so many new viewpoints. The problem is that more often that not, we are stuck in fear of making that leap from safety into the unknown. The choice is always ours, what do you choose?

Whatever you go for, do it for yourself and not to please a crowd, not to please your parents, your partner, your sister or your lover. Do it for you and your growth, for your conscience, for your well being. When we learn to do things for ourselves, then we realise how much bluer the skies are, how much more valuable living life day by day is, and how beautiful every person you meet is. Fly high not for the world to see you but for you to see the world from your own filter.

It is difficult to see the world when you are flying low and struggling on low motivations and low vibrations. Again, the choice is always yours!

“VEZZARO jewellery bestows a comfortable charm and the refined elegance of beautiful things to every woman who wears it.”



About Vezzaro Jewellery at GABA

In this blog, I wish to introduce you to VEZZARO Jewellery available at GABA. Vezzaro is sought after for the quality of its handcrafted techniques. Vezzaro the brand,  was established in 1989 in Vicenza, Italy by the enterprising creativity of Pino Vezzaro, who from the beginning has posed the absolute value of ‘doing things well’ as the foundation of his activities. Over time and without compromise or shortcuts Pino has built credibility in his company by offering his clients jewelry that is created with the constant cure of artisan tradition.

In this atmosphere made of solid values and sought after creativity, Fabrizio grew and over time supported his father in guiding the company until becoming a point of reference for the mastery, as well as for both Italian and international clients. Next to this innate commercial spirit, Fabrizio Vezzaro flanked a mature creativity capable of giving life to jewelry that expresses a strong identity making it immediately recognizable as the VEZZARO collection for its coherence and elegant design.

Gold and silver jewelry in colours of the most current trends where the surfaces of the gold and silver reflect the light, shining like live geometric reverberations paved in diamonds, VEZZARO jewelry exhibits excellent quality in its finishings, a product of knowledgeable craftsmanship through new and sophisticated technologies.





What brings me to conclude my blog this morning is that I see a common ground between all of us.

The eagles in the sky are living their own life, full of challenges I’m sure, but they are living day by day to their best efforts. The  creators of the brand Vezzari were not born into doing what they are doing.  It is with passion, perseverance and determination that the brand is where it is today. The same goes for GABA jewellers, the family run brand I have had the honour to be working with for the past year or so.

When there is love, passion, vision and that belief that everything is possible, that is when magic happens. Aim high my friends if you wish to succeed to new heights. I promise you it is going to be rough sometimes, you will fall, you will be crushed, you will want to give up, but when you get over that fear and find your will again and when you start achieving your dreams, one by one, that is when you know you are on the right track. Never stop believing. Never stop achieving. A champion is just someone who has failed many times and keeps fighting!

Hope you enjoyed this fashion and lifestyle post and these lovely pics!

Send you love and good vibes and stay tuned for more looks in the coming weeks.




Dress NILARA brand
Jewellery GABA
Make Up MAC Cosmetics
Hair Malcolm Theuma
Styling; Sue Satariano
Photos: Marin Babanov
Venue: Cafe Juliani

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