The Event by Montblanc to launch the Skywalker Collection

Hi there! I’m still flying high with an appreciation for the event I  attended a few weeks ago in Valletta. Montblanc Malta organized a luxury event to launch the new  “StarWalker Collection” . As a huge fan of the brand,totally obsessed with Montblanc pens and stationery, I was obviously grateful and so thrilled to be there to celebrate these new creations!


Wearing: Dress from Romm’s Boutique/ Make Up: MAC Cosmetics

The new StarWalker collection represents the inspirational quest behind one of humankind’s most powerful adventures: space exploration. Each writing instrument features a translucent dome beneath the emblem, which evokes the earth rising above the lunar horizon. The line up of the StarWalker collection includes three editions: a sleek full metal edition, a Doué edition and a Resin edition – They are breathtakingly beautiful.

The most unique insights of our planet come from those who have experienced space exploration first hand. Montblanc has partnered with retired astronaut Leroy Chiao to celebrate the inimitable moment when a space traveler gazes back at the earth. When Leroy experienced this for the first time, the earth’s mesmerizing blue Aura prompted him to consider what he missed most about our beautiful planet.




“While orbiting the earth, you realize the majesty of our blue planet…home.”

Going to space for the first time was emotional. I wasn’t scared, he said in various interviews I sourced online.

Once you get down to T-minus-zero, the rocket boosters light, adding almost five million pounds of thrust to the stack. You’re literally exploded off the launch pad – you hear a big bang and it feels like someone has kicked the back of your seat. You can feel the vibration and hear the pitch of the wind noise changing as you rapidly accelerate. The sky turns dark pretty quickly. In less than a minute, you are higher than any plane, and you are in orbit in just under nine minutes.

There was a mirror over the window so I could watch the ground as the shuttle arched over and see the fire from the engines behind us. It was pretty thrilling. When you are in space, the engines cut off and you are instantly weightless. You get your first look at Earth from space, which was overwhelming. Earth almost doesn’t look real because the colours are so bright. It was very beautiful and moving, especially as most of us had wanted this since we were kids.

“How often do we take our planet for granted? How beautiful it is that Montblanc has come up with this wonderful concept for the new collection”. Grazielle













I got to try some different pens during the launch as you saw in my Instagram stories and I was also surprised with a gift – a beautiful diary that I will treasure with gratitude and care. I will pen down my thoughts and dreams and all the things I have to do in between to achieve my goals, slowly, one flight at a time. A picture of this diary is on my Instagram page @graziellecamilleri which I invite you to follow if you are not already!

I hope you enjoyed my blog about my outing last week to the Montblanc event. I know for certain that there are thousands of followers out there who are also obsessed with the brand and I just happened to remind you about them..  I look forward to attending some more interesting events in Malta and beyond. Stay tuned as the summer has so much in store!


Photos courtesy of and copyrighted by Montblanc Malta

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