More Sunshine in my life with MAC Cosmetics

Bringing the sunshine into our life can be as simple as wearing bright colours.Luckily for me, yellow, orange, lilac and red hues are in this season. This was the look I wore for my latest TV programme Acceler8 which airs on NET TV every Thursday at 10 pm with a repeat on Saturday at 3pm. It has been such a fun journey already being a part of this project and meeting with some really cool motorsports enthusiasts, car racers and car event organisers. Never a dull moment in my life! All you have to do is follow my Instagram daily stories to believe what I’m saying.

Feeling a little stressed? Wear bright colours or surround yourself with a colourful environment. Yellow is lively, energetic, happy, and almost always associated with summer. It’s also associated with lemons, cleanliness, and freshness. Pink is a softer tone of red that is associated with youth, friendship, and love. It is a stress reducing color that is light, soothing, and pleasing to the eye. Lavender has the stability of blue and the energy of red. That’s why it’s commonly associated with aromatherapy, massages, healing, and yoga.

I choose to help people feel better and make myself feel awesome, so  I wore this short KOCCA dress for TV lately and styled it with a red belt, both from Romm’s Boutique in Sliema. Loved it and felt really comfortable for hours.




Make Up Look by MAC Cosmetics

As for my make up look, I would like to thank MAC Cosmetics for taking such good care of me this past month. Starting from Malta Fashion Week , with the team at Bisazza Street, we came up with some lovely summer looks to match my outfits – (You will find all these on my blog in the outfit posts and on Instagram too) and it seems that our chemistry has worked really magically between us so we are now working together on some more summer looks, looks that can be adapted to your various skin tones out there through the summer months!

Did you know that MAC Cosmetics Stores in Malta offer make up services against a fee which you receive in return in MAC products of your choice. How to book? All You j have to do like I do is to book an appointment in advance at the store of your choice: the one in Bisazza Street, the one in Valletta or the one at Debenhams at the Point.

Here, on this particular day, we went for a smoky eye using brown tones and nude lipstick and we glammed up the inner corners with some gold glitter. I was all set for my TV programme as well as a party afterwards at SKYBEACHand I felt amazing!

I do love trying out make up myself, but nothing beats having it done by professionals. One hour of relaxation and education in the hands of these artists who work magic with their hands. Yes I do love buying tonnes of make up and I can apply some BUT When I do my make up at home, firstly I do not possess their technique; Secondly get stopped a million times by my daughter “Ma this ..Ma that”, Thirdly, my eye sight is not as sharp as it used to be so I will have one wing liner that is not the same as the other or something silly that I would not notice until hours later!

So whenever possible, I will opt to have my make up done, especially for important occasions .. and I know that there are sooo many other women out there who are on the same page as me! There are several talented make up artists out there. Make sure you are happy with the service you are offered. It’s not only about the make up application for me. It’s also about the experience and that one hour or so in which I can relax and switch off while sipping my coffee or prosecco, depending on the time of day or occasion. I would like to say Thank You to All the make up artists I have ever worked with and in this case Thank You MAC for opening your welcoming doors to me this year.










Enjoy the pics we snapped last week during the make up session and after when I walked out feeling amazing.

Stay tuned for more fashion, travel and lifestyle blogs!






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