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Hi Everyone! It’s so warm in Malta and in so many other countries across the globe. Sizzling summer temperatures make us all crave for cool spaces and comfortable venues where we can cool down and relax. I am a huge fan of summer with all its heat and I never complain about the sun. I prefer summer over the winter any day – but that’s me.



Last week, I shared my blog post about the amazing“Fit For Royalty” Campaign shoot in which I showed you the beautiful dining table and stylish mustard chairs. Today, I’d like to share some photos and information about this beautiful designer sofa by the brand LignetRoset called “The Ploum available at FINO.

FINO just received this beautiful blue settee and we thought we’d take it out for the photoshoot for my blog! Isn’t it gorgeous? We did it, despite the heat, nothing stopped us from bringing it to this gorgeous private residence and take some pictures to share with you!


The Ploum settee is the fruit of much research into comfort. And the result is a combination of two specific materials which, when associated with the real dimensional generosity of the Ploum settees, offers an extremely high level of comfort whilst giving the body the chance to adopt a number of possible postures. As per the designers’ wishes, the large settee is asymmetrical in construction: the right-hand backrest is a little higher than the one on the left, whilst the right-hand seat is slightly deeper than the left-hand one and the zip on the rear of the backrest is off-center.

The seat of the large settee, which may accommodate up to 4 persons, has a slightly closed-angle perfect for encouraging sitters to move closer together, which in turn facilitates conversation between the occupants of the settee. In fact, if you scroll down to the end of the blog in the “behind the scenes” shots you will see that 4 of us squeezed nicely for a selfie 😉

The great flexibility of contact associated with a freely-formed shape turn Ploum into an authentic nest: in fact, all positions are possible here, with both back and head enjoying the same soft contact, no matter which part of the seat is concerned, even the arms.




This sofa can be a wonderful addition to anyone’s home or luxury styled office and it comes in various colors, fabrics, and sizes so you can also order one or two to suit your personal requirements.

I hope you found this blog interesting. If you wish to enquire about these settees or to see some of the latest sofas available, please do not hesitate to contact the professional team at FINO or even better visit the showrooms in Mriehel.

Much love to all!




I would like to take the opportunity to thank the dozens of people involved to make this photoshoot happen including all the marketing team, the hairstyling team, NILARA for the dresses, MAC for makeup early morning and so many other people who made this possible.

Thank yous!


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