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Dining rooms have seen some of the most extreme changes in trends over the years. It has always been one of the most traditional rooms in a house and in the past decade or so has seen an explosion in innovation.

When you are looking for a dining table set or any other important item for your home or office, you can either be extremely assertive in your own choices and do it all yourself, or you can ask for the assistance of a creative, professional team of stylists who will love to do what they do best – which is to come up with the best options in dining room styles, lighting, and décor to help you find what suits you! Personally, I am somewhere in between the two, because I am a person who knows what she wants to achieve and yet likes to use the service of professionals who are focused on that role or business, to achieve a current, smart option.

Dining room trends are constantly changing. From a traditional, dark space, dining rooms are now one of the most customisable and flexible rooms in the house for design. These are always changing and provide a great opportunity in your home for experimenting with new design.



That brings me to my next point about colour. Traditional dining rooms were full of mahogany, dark wood, dark carpets, and deep shades on the walls. Now in 2019, we are seeing that using colour pops in colourful upholstery, furniture, and decor is a clear mark of a modern dining room and I love it!

This trend is one of my favourites at FINO and maybe that’s because I do love bright dining room chairs and materials! Sometimes, even using some mismatched, multicolored dining chairs will definitely create a modern look for your room and impress your guests!

In these photos you can see the electrifyingly stunning Ligne-Roset  chair range, under the very fitting name “Long Island” designed by by N. Nasrallah & C. Horner; Stylish, elegant and ever so comfortable, this design is bang on trend in a gorgeous mustard shade.

The table we see in the photo  is also from the Ligne-Roset range in natural solid oak with streamlined edges. Odessa by Mauro Lipparini: it exudes a vision of natural minimalism with clean-cut shapes and dynamic lines. Odessa is a slender dining table with reassuring characteristics. Angled like an airplane wing, Odessa’s table top. Appears to float on top of the double arch of the folded steel feet. Table top is available in natural or smoked-effect oak, walnut or white, marbled-effect or metallic anthracite full body stoneware.



Plates & Cutlery: Hermes at Cleland & Souchet, Portomaso


Treated Like Royalty

For those of you who have been following my Blog, you are very aware that FINO and I have this very strong partnership going on, where together we have teamed up and joint forces to come up with interesting campaigns because #TogetherIsBetter, right? 😉 FINO is a luxury lifestyle brand which will pull out all the stops to transport you to an old world fairytale and merged with my passion in fashion, luxury and creative content, we have made some magic happen. Add FINO’s impeccable service and classy touch into the mix and you’ll realise that it’s easy to feel like Royalty under their sumptuous wings, even if you were not born into it.

This time, for this campaign, to create the feeling of a “Royal Experience”, we came up with the idea to transport these beautiful dining tables and chairs, and take them out of the showrooms in Mriehel, to go out on a beautiful outdoor shooting site. We wished to photograph the pieces in a luxurious, preferably green or cultural venue, worthy of a queen because the experience of working with FINO as a customer or partner feels like royalty every time.And what a beautiful backdrop we found! Like a magical fairytale, our little creative dream came true.

I was styled by the team wearing a beautiful red gown provided by Nilara Brand and with a beautiful tiara in my hair, I really looked and felt like a queen for a day!

Let’s turn back the clock to one year ago. Do you remember, one of our first blog campaigns “impossible is nothing” when we had photographed a bedroom suite on a sandy beach in Mellieha to the surprise of several tourists and onlookers? Well this time, we went for a private venue and went out knocking on the door of a very respectable entrepreneur, Mr Maurice Mizzi who was ever so hospitable to allow us to use his home for a day for purposes of this photoshoot in his beautiful garden, a dream for any horticulturist. Thank you so much for this opportunity and for inviting us to stay over for a few glasses of wine too!



When you experience the excellent quality and service of FINO and the entire family-run company, you will certainly feel the extra attention and sophisticated approach by the team. As I have said it many times, this team is never shy of going that extra mile to make a customer satisfied or to achieve a pre-envisioned result. I’m so happy we did this campaign “To Feel Like Royalty” and I hope you enjoyed my story behind it too.

FINO have worked with thousands of designers to create beautiful rooms that fit into modern design trends and if you are looking for some new items for your home, castle or office, get in touch with this amazing company. They will make you feel like Royalty every time.

I hope you enjoyed this lifestyle blog in collaboration with FINO! Stay tuned for more blogs and events coming your way!


Table: Ligne-Roset, FINO
Chairs: Ligne- Roset, FINO
Dress: Nilara
Make Up: MAC Cosmetics Malta
Hair: Malcolm Theuma and Christine Cortis
Styling &Choreograpy: Joseph Farrugia
Dining Cutlery: Cleland &Souchet
Model: Thanachai Sciberras

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