Thank you to my Nail Parlour Niumee

Summer is here and it comes with a comprehensive calendar of events every single week. So many things happening on the islands of Malta and Gozo everyday you could say, and if you are following my Instagram Stories @graziellecamilleri, you will notice that we are enjoying the season very much and there is never a dull moment. I would like to dedicate this Blog Post to all the team at Niumee especially Sue Caruana, Justine Cassano and all the wonderful nail technicians who always take great care of my nails and toes.

I would  like to say thank you to all of you for the great work you do, for the relaxing atmosphere you offer in your establishment, for doing your best to book me in at the times that are most convenient. When I have my nails and toes done I feel complete, I feel groomed and it really makes my week feel better.

66382419_2902007466492867_1402578349976453120_nThis was my latest visit at Niumee who are now on the 2nd floor of the building.

The pretty pink dress is a KOCCA dress from ROMM’s Boutique


The appeal of the nail salon is immediately obvious: It’s a women-dominated (often women-only) space where it’s physically difficult to do much more than be alone with your thoughts or chat with your friends. And unlike other traditional female-bonding activities like shopping, it invites far less physical comparison and sizing-up. Every woman has fingernails, and every woman likes to see them trimmed and painted to her taste. In some magazine I read recently, one woman referred to manicures as “the one luxury that is really a necessity.” Isn’t this a fact?







Sometimes, when in a rush,  it’s two at a time 😉





I just wanted to say Thank You for all you do for me year after year. Thank you Sue and Justine for sponsoring me. It’s thanks to professionals like you that I am able to always have nails on fleek for the photoshoots, filmings, TV and every day work and I feel confident knowing that the best products are used, and that the service is going to last without problems until my next appointment.

Thank you!
Much Love


Niumee are now situated on the 2nd Floor

66446081_906696569667997_5127426726418186240_nThank you Sue Caruana!

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