How to stay Joyful – Joyful Living Takes Commitment

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I shared a lifestyle post with you. Main reason is that my calendar lately has been crazy busy with events and so much action packed to-do lists for the blog and the business. But life is a blessing and every day is a gift. I thought of writing this post about one common thing that people wish to achieve more of in their life and they are perhaps not sure of where to begin – JOY! and you know why? It’s because it comes from within but we have to do some work internally and continuously to achieve it.

People notice in my posts and in my daily Instagram real-life videos, is that our household is one of a joyful family, spreading good vibes from the early morning when we go out for our morning exercise, till the evening when we relax to watch sunsets or walk in the countryside counting our blessings or just relax together.


IMG_4839Dress: Nilara Brand /  Jewellery: GABA / Nails: Niumee Malta

Well, Joyful Living takes commitment and I can assure you that it is a mixture of implementing certain healthy habits and mindsets into our lives one step at a time and being more aware of what is happening for you. I say “we” because many of the large decisions I take now, being a married woman with the responsibility of a young child are taken as
as a family collective. We roll together through our ups and downs, and we do our best to live in a positive mindset.  Joyful Living as a “family”; it strengthens our bond with each other and allows for more peace within ourselves. This state asks us to be awake and aware in the moments of our lives. It invites us to stem the momentum of our habits so we can be more in states of  peace, appreciation, wonder, awe and presence. The result is that we achieve more goals from love rather than a large portion of society that functions from fear or lack of peace.

I agree with you all in saying that in our very busy lifestyles, working away like hamsters, it’s so easy to slip away from being aware. Even with the best of intentions, before we know it, we find ourselves moving mindlessly through life. We go through the motions, taking care of obligations, inhabiting habit patterns, and meanwhile longing for a time when the to-do list is empty. Our minds are caught in mental tornados while we are missing out on what is already here. We feel separate, deadened, and half-alive and sometimes we feel sad and without purpose.

Do you want to master the art of joyful living? Try to start integrate these simple steps in your life, and the seeds of joy will flourish.

1. Take Time To Be Still In your life

If we turn down the fast pace and all the noise in our lives, we discover the amazing fact that silence and stillness are already here. And when we intentionally allow ourselves to be still, we naturally open to a deep appreciation of the present moment. We become relaxed, grounded and clear, and stress begins to melt away. Whether it’s leaving your mobile phone at home and going out into the countryside for 3 hours, whether it’s meditating in the morning or evening, whether it’s going for a walk to clear your mind, we all must find a way that works for us. We personally find time to meditate daily, to watch sunsets together, to talk or to find some alone time to switch off and to look at ourselves from a different perspective. How can you bring silence into your life? When can you stop and be still?

2. Remove Useless Clutter in Your Home and Your Work Space

I don’t know about you but when I have a cluttered sofa area or kitchen, or a wardrobe where I can’t see anything from the over cluttering, I feel nervous and I just cannot keep relaxed. Do you know that everything around us is energy and the more clutter we have around us, the less we allow a good flow of energies around us? Someone recently told me she feels disgusted when she looks into her closet because of all the clutter. It”s a shame because every moment of disgust is a moment empty of joy.

If there is anything you are procrastinating about, anything you can easily fix, anyone who drags you down, pay attention. Don’t wait or settle for good enough.  Design the time, figure out a solution, and clean it up. You are making the space for joy, peace, and happiness to illuminate your life.




3. Live Your Life and Mind Your Own Business

I often ask myself “ Why do people waste so much time evaluating other people’s lives rather than spending that time working on their own growth or personal development?”. Also if you notice, a lot of people around us are unhappy and frustrated because they are trying to control things they can’t actually do anything about. So, If you are caught in an emotional reaction, turn the mirror onto yourself. Let the story and drama go, and see what is actually true in your direct experience. Bring compassion right into the places where it is needed most.

Diligently work on the areas where you get stuck, pondering over other people or situations that are beyond fixing, and joy will naturally shine through you. Walk away and turn your head away from these energies that no longer serve you to allow for more positive ones to do so.

4. Be The Energy You Want To See

I use this phrase a lot in my Instagram Stories because I believe it and I mean it wholeheartedly. So many of us want attention, love, and understanding. We often live in a state of lack, thinking that life can begin if only we get what we think we need.

Instead of living in lack, let us contemplate generosity and spreading good vibes expecting nothing in return. Give out to others what you want or need. Pull out the stops in offering attention, interest, and caring. Maybe it is just a simple message or a phone call or a compliment to a stranger. That mindset of representing that common energy you wish to see more of in this world will have a ripple effect. Your feeling of not having everything will very soon be transformed into fullness. Believing you don’t have enough brings more lack but living from a full heart that has everything becomes love overflowing and attracts more and more of the same into your life. Universal Law of Attraction – Fact.




5. Learn from Life Experiences

This is a very important mindset that has changed my life. Since about two years I have come to realise that we are spirits having a human experience and not humans having a spiritual experience. I see now that every single experience in my life from my earliest childhood to my biggest downfalls, accidents, joy rides and people I have met along the way in my life were there to teach me something and this journey never ever stops.

Sometimes the road of life is a pretty tough one and I understand it when some of us are so saddened that they wish to end this life but please do not give up. There is always a light and if you start to see it, it will heal your pain. If you want to master joyful living, be open to accept the fact that it is a Lesson in life and we must stop and learn from the challenges that life brings us each step of the way. Be honest about what buttons get pushed to help you grow and move forward and if we don’t go through the tough moments, I don’t think we would appreciate the good ones as much when they turn up on your doorstep.

Difficult life experiences are designed to show us the areas in our lives where we are not yet free. Try to use these situations well for your own liberation. Things like Fear of not being good enough, jealousy, Fear of infidelity, the list is endless and is personal to each one of your. You might have noticed that the teachings come until we understand the lesson. If there is a self-defeating pattern playing out in your life, slow it down so you can become conscious of what you are doing and fix them, so that they do not repeat in this life and the next. Make different, better choices with your eyes wide open.


6. Learn to Forgive

This is a very difficult lesson in our life path. If a grudge is interfering with your joy of life, then it requires your loving attention. Don’t let the minutes tick by while you live in self-righteousness or regret. Neutralize the stories from the past, and make the choice to live joyfully now.

First of all Forgive Yourself for old things that no longer serve you. You’ ve done something in the past and you are still clinging on to that bad energy around it. Come on! Let it go! Clean your aura.. If you feel wronged by someone or you hurt another, deal with it. Don’t let it fester. Make a lifestyle of living free from hurts and grudges. You will feel strong, clear, and empowered and yeah more happy. Forgive the ones that have hurt you and perhaps still do but keep moving forward and grow stronger. It does not mean you have to become bestie buddies with the ones you forgive but make that peace within yourself and them and close the chapters that have taught you so much!

7. Find Your Passion and Channel Your Energy into it

I believe fulfillment is a right and not a privilege. We are all entitled to wake up in the morning inspired to go to work, feel safe when we’re there and return home fulfilled at the end of the day. Achieving that fulfillment starts with understanding exactly WHY we do what we do.

It is so important that you are doing the work that not only pays your bills but that gives you a very rewarding feeling. Find that passion about what it is you are spending all those hours working on and have a purpose behind it. Without a purpose, us humans feel unfulfilled and void of excitement.

The little holiday getaways are not going to make us happy long term. Those are a little escape from the other hundreds of days we are living day by day. So, planning a holiday once or twice a year is very healthy But it is not going to make you happy if you still have not found what it is that makes you excited to wake up in the morning.

Your purpose does not have to be work related. It could also be something like a family vision you have and all your energy may be focused on being the Best Mum on the planet for your kids and that is Wonderful!  Find where your heart is and follow that more often. Your heart is always right even though many times we find ourselves overthinking and fighting with our egos for the right decisions to make!






8. Always Move in the Direction of joy

To conclude I would like to say that Every Moment Offers us a Choice. Do take a look at your life, and it will show you what you value. Are you choosing stress, conflict, and unhappiness or are you choosing Joy?
Joy provides the perfect barometer for navigating through life. All you need to do is recognise what brings you joy, then follow it. Simple, right? Make room in your life for what is positive, light, and life-affirming. You will have mastered the art of joyful living.

Do you live joyfully? Where do you get stuck? What other suggestions do you have? I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this subject and let me know if I can help you in any way …

Much love and light to all





Dress: NILARA brand, Paola
Earrings: GABA

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  1. A very beautiful article. I follow you regularly and you are a positive inspiration and i also love your dress style and your attitude towards life. Thank you for your positivity and God bless you. You are a beautiful lady inside out.

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