Egypt – the land of the Pharaohs and beautiful locals

Part Two of my adventure to Giza and Cairo with Rami’s Insight Tours

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*Red Pyramid
*Camel Riding & a Twistees break
*The Largest Market in Egypt
*Sugar Cane Juice

Hello there! Welcome back to my blog to this travel diary from my trip to Egypt, in which I felt like an explorer, so eager to absorb everything with my big brown eyes and sense the powerful energy this place exudes. In my Previous Blog, I shared my experience about the Giza pyramids, the Sphinx, the food we tasted and some coffee talk..Today, sit back, relax, grab that coffee and let me transport you to this magical place that has been drawing travellers from across the globe for millennia. It is as if something supernatural seeded so many unsolved mysteries and unrecorded miraculous archeological feats for us to keep thinking and creating theories until the truth will somehow surface when the time is right for all!

For many travellers, the pyramids mean only Giza’s famed monuments, but there’s another group of pyramids within day-tripping distance of Cairo. Thirty kilometers north of the capital, the vast necropolis site of Saqqara and the nearby sites of Dahshur and Abu Sir are where pyramid building in Egypt first began. Here, the Step Pyramid, the Bent Pyramid, and the Red Pyramid are magnificent reminders of the early architecture of the pharaohs and some of the Old Kingdom’s most dazzling treasures. For history fans, a day trip here is a must-do while in Cairo and that is what we did. Our lovely guide Rania, Rami’s sister took us to many insightful places … here we go!






For those who were following my trip closely through my Instagram stories, and really felt involved, comments expressed how they enjoyed the videos and felt “as if they were there with us”, you will remember this special spiritual moment when we visited this particular site, this energy point – the Red Pyramid of Sneferu

The Red Pyramid derives its modern name from the red limestone of its masonry. When it was first built it was clad with fine white limestone and was named “Sneferu Shines”. It is the largest of the pyramids of Dashur and the third largest pyramid in Egypt.

To reach the burial chambers, we had to descend a passage (at an angle of 27 degrees) that went down for 62.63 m to a short horizontal corridor 7.4m long. This was followed by two almost identical antechambers with corbelled roofs. Both antechambers measure 3.65 by 8.36 m and are 12.31 m high.

Inside was a chapel built against the Eastern face of the pyramid, one that was finished hastily, probably after the death of Snofru and it was here that we had an inexplicable moment which I feel comfortable sharing. Perhaps someone else has the same experience and they can be in touch with me to share.



When inside, Marco and I were the only persons in the entire pyramid, which in itself was kind of unusual, I sat down on this little wooden bridge opposite the chapel and suddenly I felt an overwhelming loving type of energy that I couldn’t handle, a kind of unconditional love energy coming from a mother to a child, a group of family members to a child they have not seen in a thousand years and said “Welcome child, we have been waiting for you.” I felt so much love that I burst into tears and I just couldn’t explain myself to my husband who stood beside me.

I then felt I had to sing a tune from my heart, which I recorded and shared with my followers that day, in which I sent out my greetings in return and sent my peaceful healing intentions out to the universe saying Thank You for everything! Bless us all with this love. Even typing about it brings the same emotions and tears are inevitable. How can we explain these moments? I certainly cannot on a physical level, but there was something in that pyramid that alleviates one’s energy levels and if you are sensitive like me, you feel the shift. It was certainly one beautiful moment that left a mark in my soul and for that Im forever grateful. I wish you all who visit, to enjoy the energies of these structures like we did.





The same day, we did a great day touring this area.The most visible landmark of Saqqara is the Step Pyramid, the tomb of the third Dynasty ruler Djoser, built by Imhotep and thought to be the earliest major stone structure erected in Egypt. The Step Pyramid stands 60 meters high and is built of locally quarried clay sandstone of poor quality. You can no longer enter the pyramid due to safety issues so we just passed by it and snapped some photos from a few hundred metres away. Rania told us that according to historians, the chambers and passages in the interior of the pyramid served partly for the burial of close relatives of the King, in particular those of his sons who died in childhood, and partly for storing grave-goods for the use of the dead.


One of the striking tombs we saw was The Tomb of Mererukawhich features unique paintings detailing the deceased involved in daily activities like fishing and inspecting workmen. Some of the best wall paintings are in the first room, where you can see Mereruka and his wife inspecting various operations, goldsmiths making necklaces and vessels, three statues being drawn to the tomb while a priest burns incense, and carpenters making beds.

In the large sacrificial chamber, the reliefs on the north wall show Mereruka inspecting domestic animals; a boat building scene; and Mereruka carried in a litter with a large retinue, including two dwarfs leading dogs.

I have always seen images in books of Egypt, but to see this in person on the walls is just something wonderful. I looked closely at many of these drawings and just took in as much as I could.






goldsmiths-at-the-tomb-of-mereruka (1)


The morning started with a fun camel ride around the Giza Pyramids. A camel is a must-do for every first-time Egypt traveller. It was a first for me, one life experience ticked off my bucket list haha What fun! To ride these animals, slowly but surely across the desert land, to be able toglance at the incredible view and imagine what life must have been like for ancient Egyptians is an as adventurous and incredible excursion at the same time!

We were sneaky and lucky enough to also organise a mini fashion photoshoot on the way, (which almost got us arrested by security officers), but it was well worth the risk. Thanks to Rami’s connections and my twinkly puppy eyes, and a little cash in hand gratitude donation, we were accepted as harmless tourists taking beautiful photos for the love of travels and increased tourism to Egypt. The pics turned out pretty OK 😉

IMG_5649Snapped here enjoying a Twistees break in between Pyramid excursions!

IMG_5828One of my pyrite pendants from my jewellery collection at Gemstones & Jewellery by GC 




I love my food and drink. Don’t know who doesn’t but this discovery is worth a few lines too. Sugarcane juice. Have you ever tasted it? Well I did for the first time. It is very fibrous, which makes it hard to cut and squeeze out the juice.Sugar cane Refineries use huge roller mills that squish the sugar cane stalks and shred the fibres. I expected it to taste like sweetened water, but that wasn’t at all the case- sugar cane juice has a bright, delicious raw vanilla flavour Cold. it is soooo refreshing and healthy!!

Sugarcane juice is considered an alkaline forming food because of the high concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese in it. Diseases like cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment and that’s why studies show that it is effective in fighting against cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer.As sugar cane juice boosts protein levels in the body, it helps in maintaining the health of the kidney.The antioxidants in sugarcane juice also help to fighting against infections and boost the immunity system of the body. Go figure! Great juice. We need more of this in our daily drink habits. Yalla Egypt!





Khan El Khalili Bazaar – Egypt’s most vibrant market

One of the highlights of every travel is a visit to the local market. Well I ve never seen anything like this one. Khan El Khalili bazaar is located in the Islamic district of Cairo. It is said to be the oldest open air market in the Middle East, and a must see Cairo tourist attraction. It is a huge medieval-style mall with a hugecollection of shops – many arranged around small courtyards – stocking everything from soap powder to semiprecious stones, herbs and spices, home décor and so many souvenirs to take home for family and friends.

The Khan El Khalili bazaar is a great place to while away an entire dayThe sights and sounds and smells are enduring examples of true Egyptian culture that has been thriving for hundreds of years.

For a break from the heat, there are plenty of coffee shops along the street. Egyptians like their coffee strong, so be prepared for quite a jolt from their favoured drink, but also prepare for some of the most exotic tasting coffee you’ll ever have. If you do favour a cup or two of quality Arabic coffee, be sure to visit Fishawi’s Coffee Shop , which we did visit and while we were there, danced some more and shared some clips with you on oursocials. #DanceWithMe dance moves, spreading fun wherever we went! This coffee shop has been open since 1773, making it the oldest coffee shop in all of Egypt. Thanks to Rami and his family we enjoyed a lot of shopping here, including sourcing some beautiful Gemstones for my Jewellery Collection which was released this week! Check out some on Instagram!






The locals are so kind and friendly wherever we went. They truly show respect to tourists and they are helpful, and I’m not just talking about the lovely family who hosted us in the Lotus Guest House but everyone we encountered all week.

Well I hope you enjoyed this second part of the trip! There is one more part coming soon .. till then I wish you all a happy life and pleasant travels!



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