When it rains, why not dance in the rain?

LIFE teaches us so many lessons including one about unplanned inconveniences or happenings. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but I truly believe it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

In this journey called LIFE  there will always be bad storms, many people sadly postpone everything in their lives claiming that they are waiting for the storms to subside. We cannot delay living our lives to the full until the proverbial SUN comes out again.  To live a meaningful and successful life, we have to learn to DANCE IN THE RAIN!




What inspired my post today?

Well, two things, one trigger was  that during the actual photo shoot session of this fashion collaboration with Gerry Weber, the skies decided to bless me, my fresh paid blow dry and make up dos with bucket loads of rain and thunder!  What did I do? I instinctively took the positive attitude, started laughing instead of crying in anger and disappointment and asked Justin the photographer to snap me in the rain, something I had never shot before. Result – beautiful in its moment. Of course, I had to explain to the clothes store that I got drenched and clothes got damaged and I had to pay for the dry cleaning, but that’s one part of the unpredictability of my Blogger/ Influencer jobs. Some things don’t always go as planned. It’s how you act on them and learn from them that counts. Communication is key to strong relationships and success in whatever area of my life and I seem to be doing OK 😉

The  second thing that inspired me to write about Dancing in the Rain is that I have been meeting quite a few people lately of all ages and walks of life, who have or are still suffering from something quite harsh in this challenging world we live in and they seem stuck in a ” Lost or Fearful Bubble”.  Some are going through abusive relationships, some are suffering unlucky financial streaks, others are feeling lonely or lacking purpose in life, some literally don’t feel like they want to continue living. I felt their stories, as I have problems of my own too,  and I wish I could wave a magic wand on them all and make everything beautiful, but to date I don’t possess those magical talents and Life as we know it wants us to all go through our own lessons. All I can do is to listen and offer my moral support and give them advice to help them alleviate some fears from their minds, fears that can be removed by focusing on the positive of the situation.

Social media influencing, and I don’t mean fashion but lifestyle influencers sometimes can help people get through some of these traumas because people follow positive people who inspire others to see the good in every situation and there is help out there in terms of guidance and support for various things if you are willing to take that step and Ask For Help.


Social Media and Perfection That Does Not Really Exist 

Feeds of perfect looking people on Instagram, include my Insta Profile in that equation,  showing beautiful images from professional photograpers, flawless make up faces from hours of preparation, huge smiles and perfect bodies living a beautiful life, as much as attracting thousands of followers,  can also, to a certain degree, make people feel they are not achievers and they think that out there, the Instagram celebs  have no problems at all.

Here is where I wish to say something from the heart: Do you think there is one person out there who can say I’m Perfect? If you think you are perfect, Please Step Forward and Claim It. No one is Perfect and we are all going through something of our own. It is how we choose to manage these situations is everyone’s choice. I know that the Pain is Real out there and it is so hard to smile when the tragedies hit the fan but I  am one who still sees Hope in the darkest times.

Back to social media; Our life, my life, your life  does not depend on social media at all. Life existed for millions of years without it. If for some technological reason, we are stripped of all our phones and apps, if Instagram wakes up tomorrow and decides to shut down or change its strategy to one based on content reward programmes instead of Like-based programmes, so many things will change. If we had to strip off all technology right now, because of some natural disaster, there will be nothing but ourselves, our True Selfs to account for and to step out into that “Real Life ” and continue where we left off. Who are we without social media? A Lot! A great deal in fact. We must REMIND OURSELVES that. It is also a nuisance to look around on the news and see only negative news as if there is nothing beautiful happening around us. Please news stations, try to increase the balance between the Good and Bad news because that Changes People’s Spirits!!



As a blogger, media marketeer and influencer, I do depend a lot on Social Media for my work. I am on it many hours a day.. However,  I refuse to put all my lovely eggs in one basket and I do feel empowered that without  social media, all my skills, my character, my talents do not depend on it. I am so much more! And you are too!! Go out and remember who you really are.

To all the teenagers out there in particular, do not be impressed by all the perfect people on Instagram, perfect 20 inch waists, perfect filtered faces, and so much I cannot begin to list,  because I can tell you behind every huge smile there is a person who is battling his or her own fears and insecurities. Of course, they will not promote that on social media because they want to show a strong front but that is also a reality to keep in mind. Be confident in who You are because there is no other YOU! I have problems like everyone else, bills to pay, so much to deal with but it is my choice to spread positive vibes and to seek the beauty in every single situation and although I will cry those painful tears, I will very quickly stand up, put that smile back on my face and dance in that beautiful fresh rain – because it is my choice!

I believe that we are here to learn to battle some storms to learn and to grow, and remember after every rain, every storm comes the sun and when it comes out, you feel it brighter and more beautiful than before. If it doesn’t rain, and it doesn’t storm sometimes, you wouldn’t appreciate the sunshine so much.

So, my friends,I know that it is tough sometimes, you just want to give up on everything, but please, try to learn to change your mindset, rise above that rainy day and shitty storm and learn to dance in the rain.

Dancers like those enjoy a much healthier life and they do not get easily rocked by the occasional drop that lasts a few days or a few hours. Inner strength lasts you not just a lifetime, but many lifetimes, so focus on that! Ok?

Send you my warrior love and encouragement, today and always!



I was wearing these lovely clothes by Gerry Weber Malta that rainy day..
Hey the photos turned out OK didn’t they and no one got killed either 😉




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