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It’s spring time! All I can think about is how I love this time of year, and how much I’m looking forward to warmer days in summer when you will certainly find me enjoying more evening events and activities like pool parties, family barbecues, a number of weddings; That means that I will be wearing more colourful attire than I do in winter! I do love wearing colourful and vibrant outfits, in soft flowy fabrics, softer make up looks and with a sun kissed skin, pretty jewellery is key to complete my fashion looks.

A few weeks ago, I spent some time at the GABA outlet with the team, to work on the jewellery styling released in the Spring/Summer Go For Gold Campaign but as I was there, I couldn’t resist having a close look at this range of Italian jewellery called LEMILLE which caught my attention. I love the “Glam in a Click Collection”. With a patented magnetic system, the gems in this range can be changed with a small gesture, whenever you want, on the same ring, bracelet and choker or simply moved from one accessory to another. You can wear a different jewel every day following your mood, the trends of the season or the outfit of the moment. How cool is that!



About the brand

The designer Marcie Guzman and the gemologist Mauro Papais, the two founders of Lemille Roma. They have chosen the eternal city for their creative workshop, because it is an inexhaustible source of artistic inspiration.

Marcie Guzman, an American of Ecuadorean and German origin, and Mauro Papais, Italian-Canadian, are united by the same passions; the search for beauty, the preciousness of change, the exploration of the new, values that belong only to those who have a boundless vision of life in their history.

The experience of Mauro Papais in gemology has made possible the creation of new and exclusive colours, while the style of Marcie Guzman is all in the forms, feminine and ergonomic.

Their stories, made of travels and changes, and the attraction for the continuous transformations led to the birth of the innovative Lemille Glam in a Click collection.

The Lemille jewelry collections always follow the trends of the moment and also explore different materials such as soft leather worked in Italy, leaving room for customization and style, because every woman has a thousand ways to wear a jewel! Here is how we styled mine but hey the colours are so beautiful … I couldn’t really decide which one to go for !!

These beautiful 925 silver pieces are available in all of these colours at GABA. When you visit, ask the helpful ladies to assist you with choosing your favourite set, which will surely accompany you vibrantly into the summer months ahead.



Photography: Samuel Meilak





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