This Summer, Go For Gold

Summer is coming, and sunny getaways are on the horizon. ‘Tis the season for craving gold everything! We are always looking for unique and textural pieces to add to our collection, and the examples here are essentially wearable pieces of art that will look lovely against a summer glow.

Really and truly, an elegant woman should never do without having a few items of gold to embellish any outfit to classy perfection. GABA are very focused on providing their customers with a wide range of gold items ranging from the custom made pieces to the designer branded pieces.



What makes GABA gold stand out?

I sit down with Wayne Satariano to learn more about the varieties and gold types available. I discovered that a good number of their collections are curated and sourced directly from the best Italian gold manufacturers in Arezzo and Vicenza. All jewellery pieces are 18kt gold and sold based on daily market prices. Wayne Satariano is the gold expert at GABA and has over 30 years of experience buying and selling precious metals. He can guarantee clients get the best possible deal.

GABA’s wide selection offers classic, timeless pieces that are perfect for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries and communions, as well as fashionable pieces inspired by designs straight from the catwalks. This summer is set to be all about yellow gold accessories so I thought of showing you a few looks I styled with the GABA team of how beautiful gold pieces look.













What trend are you looking forward to this summer? Obsessed with yellow gold, rose gold or white gold? Don’t mind me. I’ll be seeing summer through gold accessoiries, without a doubt in my mind.

Stay tuned for more jewellery updates here on my Blog!


Photos: Samuel Meilak

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