Own Yourself

“Everything happens for a reason
If you stay blind to the cause you’ll never learn and grow

Go on, go where you think is the right way
What you don’t have for yourself you won’t have for nobody
So listen, got to know what is love
What inside reflects the light from above

How can you love me, if you don’t love yourself
Love is not to be put on a shelf
Can’t own me or anyone else, so own yourself first.” – Naaman

The more I exist, the more I feel that our life purpose is pre-written, pre-destined with various options, twists and turns so that we can fully experience the true meaning of what it is to exist here as humans, to co-exist and experience the journey, with options to constantly learn evolve and grow to a better version of ourselves.

The more we are comfortable with our true selves, our bodies, our mind and our soul, our integrity and closeness to the divine spirit of light that is found within each one of us, the more we are able to feel strong enough within ourselves to make the right decisions for the better good every little step of the way. Be it ending a relationship, helping someone go through a rough ordeal, starting a new career path, having kids, learning the meaning of grief and sorrow, experiencing accidents, running a marathon, eating chocolate, making friends, losing hope, dreaming, facing fears, these are ALL experiences we have chosen to undertake to Learn Something From Them.

If we All collectively look at our lives as meaningful ones, each one making a difference to the overall energy and collective effect of the planet Earth through our thoughts and actions, we will start to see more and more decisions coming from the heart and made for the wellbeing of humanity versus greed and money and the world will become a better place for all.




“Dance through life as it unfolds. Learn to make your own moves you feel comfortable with at each step of the beautiful piece of creation. You will fall and hurt yourself along the way, but that is the way we humans learn. Through duality and pain is the way we know how to see the light from the dark and the dark from the light. We also learn on our journey of Self Love and Self Discovery that we must learn to Embrace both sides of ourselves first before we can learn to face the rest of the world. ” Grazielle 

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What Do I mean by Own Yourself

As I mention in my blog “We are the heroes of our time”, we all have to stop pointing fingers at the bad guys or who we believe in our mind are the bad guys, (as they too have a predestined purpose in this lifetime) and start taking responsibility for our everyday thoughts and actions and switch indefinitely to a mindset in which we have more positive thoughts about ourselves and others.

How can we do this individually to affect the larger picture?

1. Accept responsibility.

One of the first and quickest ways to own your life is to take responsibility for your life. The good, the bad, the ugly — it’s all on you! Our  attitudes, reactions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs… these are all things that we control ourselves. This is an amazing thing because it means that you can create the life you want since you are controlling every move of your creation!

2. Stop blaming others.

It’s extremely easy to blame others sometimes, especially since most of us have some sort of experience of being treated wrongly or unfairly a some point.  Adults are in no way perfect, and some of them are totally screwed up in the head, but we can’t forever let the mistakes of others be an excuse for us not living the life we want. Likewise, we can’t let things like a failed relationship or a bad past decision have any power over our today. Every single morning, you wake up and are empowered with a clean slate. No one can stop you from being the person that you want to be or living the life you desire to live, unless you grant them that power. Keep the power to yourself. Own it.

“Taking responsibility for being exactly where you are gives you the power to be exactly where you want to be.” 




3. Forgive.

Now…this is a huge task, and one of the most difficult ones, usually one that requires a lifetime of repeating, because it links closely to our ego. Holding onto past hurts only holds you back from living the life you truly want. By holding a grudge, you are holding and storing negative energy, which will only poison you and not the other person. Sometimes, the ones we hold the most grudges against are ourselves, for past mistakes and actions we deeply regret. Have you thought about that? Have you forgiven yourself truly for mistakes you have done yourself to others?  You can’t live a happy life if at some subconscious level you don’t believe you deserve one. Everything we experience, even the bad, helps us grow in some way. Forgive others and yourself and instead be grateful for the lessons you’ve gained along the way.. It is really really hard sometimes, but that is one way to help you find the happiness you are looking for. Forgive, bless it and let it go!

4. Change your Mindset

Your attitude plays more importance on your quality of life than you may think. Ever notice when you have a bad attitude that your day just seems to keep getting worse? It’s because you’re a ball of negative energy walking around collecting more nearby negative energy! When you force yourself to be in a good mood (and yes, many days it requires force) and you look for the good things in your day, what happens is that you bring more good things to you. Don’t waste another day pushing the good things away!




5. Decide what you want.

Have you thought about what you really want in life? Not what your mom wants for you, not what you think you can accomplish only because it’s easy, but what you want. If money or circumstance weren’t an issue, what would your heart most long to do? Don’t worry if it feels too big for you to achieve on your own, it likely is. The magic of this universe that we live in is that it meets us more than halfway when we go after a dream. When we really know what we want and believe we can have it, when we expect it to happen, we set magical forces in motion that arrange the people and circumstances in our lives necessary to achieve our dream.

6. Become intentional

Become intentional with your time. Implement a daily routine. Highly successful people are known for following morning routines every day. A time that you prepare for your day first without letting the outside world bombard your mind, to write or read over your goals, exercise and eat a filling breakfast. Basically taking time for you before the day starts so you feel mentally prepared! Also, become intentional about the kind of people and information you let come into your experience. Negative people, stories, and articles that promote hate, fear or controversy only breed more negativity and drag you down.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” — Jack Canfield



7. Compete with no one

When we’re running a marathon (and that’s what life is, a marathon, not a race) and we don’t focus on our own path because we are too busy looking around us to see where everyone else is, we start to stumble. We start wondering if we’re not good enough, or why good things are happening to them and not us. Don’t focus on anyone else but you. Be grateful for where you are and the things you have achieved. Every day is a fresh start to go after your own dreams and improve from your yesterday.

8. Check in with yourself

Keep in touch with yourself on a regular basis. Even if you don’t have time for a morning routine, take a few minutes each day to benefit from some alone time. Read over your goals or intentions for the week. It’s amazing what we can forget when we don’t remind ourselves! The coolest thing is looking back over the month and seeing all of the things you can check off your list that happened without you even realizing it.

Owning our lives can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but if you just start small and turn everything into a habit as you go along, in no time you will begin seeing the obvious and magical changes of living life with a different mindset, and there is no better time to start than now!

The energies of the planet are becoming stronger and stronger and stronger. And they are going to create some sense of chaos throughout the planet. It is already doing so. We are seeing the uprising of the many across the planet that have had enough. They have had enough of the old ways. They have had enough of the old paradigm. And they are ready for something new. They know they want something new, but they are unsure what that could be, or if that even could be. So the best thing we can do is prepare ourselves internally and work on ourselves to be able to face any storm with better heart and clarity.

I hope you enjoyed this blog which was inspired by an outing to the Teide mountains in the Canary Islands where I felt like a dragon goddess high up saluting the beautiful surroundings and praying for more peace and unity for all.

Sending you love today and always




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