Highlights of the partnership with FINO Malta – From 2018 and beyond

2018 was the year that Malta’s luxury lifestyle brand FINO and myself began a fruitful partnership with the main objective of combining our mutual strengths and visions to showcase the brand’s product offerings and visions. This blog is about pressing the rewind button to the beginning of this year and bringing forward the highlights. The feedback received has been so fruitful for both sides that we will be extending our partnership into 2019 with more strength and trust in eachother.

1. Here are our favourite moments in 2018

When we launched the Campaign … Nothing Is Impossible – we meant it!
We kicked off with the Bedroom Scene being photographed on a beach in Mellieha which was logisitically very challenging and here is the video to remind us of the Behind The Scenes moments!

FULL BLOG POST>> https://graziellecamilleri.com/2018/04/26/nothing-is-impossible/



The Maltese band The New Victorians and FINO have an excellent relationship too. FINO has been supporting this very talented female duo band for many years, standing behind their craetive ambitions and positive attitude to musical expression. FINO believes in supporting local talent as part of their lifestyle marketing campaigns. So I came up  with  a fashionable interview feature  and we organised some fashion shots all together, just the three of us in a theatre in Valletta, the day prior to their LIVE performances of their show MARA. MARA was focused on celebrating women through the ages.



FULL BLOG HERE >>https://graziellecamilleri.com/2018/06/21/the-new-victorians-present-mara-a-show-celebrating-women-through-time/

3. The Interview with JOE VELLA

I had the pleasure to interview one of Malta’s most passionate leading chefs about how to choose a home kitchen or an industrial kitchen. He also cooked a delicious dish for us!

FULL BLOG HERE >> https://graziellecamilleri.com/2018/09/17/video-interview-in-the-kitchen-with-chef-joe-vella/



Watch the video HERE

and here is the recipe from Chef Joe Vella


4. Fashion & Lifestyle Blog –  Kitchen Choices & Passions

This was one of my favourite projects for FINO, It was our first project where we combined my Fashion Styling with the mood and feel of the Veneta Cucine kitchens they had just received. I had never seen this done by any blogger so I was excited to try something different and it was very effective in terms of visually explaining the differences between the kitchen styles. Some new clients enjoyed it too!





Here is the Full Blog >> https://graziellecamilleri.com/2018/02/07/kitchen-choices-and-passions/

5. The FINO EXPO -a huge success

It was a special opportunity for clients to get the usual top notch service from all the FINO team but also enjoy a myriad of entertainment spots including on site chefs, TV presenters with food and free flowing wine throughout the two days. Hundreds of attendees turned up both days and it was interesting to meet some people and talk about their current requirements in their homes or offices. Things are really changing with everyone’s lifestyles and with our lives becoming seemingly busier, the choice of furniture and designs totally reflect our lifestyles!





6. Fashion Photoshoots were also made in collaboration with FINO

My favourites ones for my Blog that were shot in the showroom were the ones with Mangano Clothing and GABA Jewellery and here are a few examples


Photography by Bernard Polidano WWW.BERNARDPOLIDANO.COM

Photography by Bernard Polidano WWW.BERNARDPOLIDANO.COM


Photography by Bernard Polidano WWW.BERNARDPOLIDANO.COM

Photography by Bernard Polidano WWW.BERNARDPOLIDANO.COM

Yes! This work was done in one year! I feel so proud looking back at them all. Indeed great teams make magic happen and this year I ve been blessed with the opportunity to tell a story and to showcase some amazing products and lifestyles thanks to the talented people I chose to work with. Thank you FINO so much for a great 2018 and look forward to another exciting year of adventures with you all!


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