Art of Couples Communication Workshop

The workshop by Veronica Vazeri

This week my husband and I attended a workshop called the “Art of Couples Communication” held by Veronica Vazeri at “The Lodge” in Cospicua, Malta.

I don’t know how you feel, but I am a kind of person that loves to work on their relationship as much as they work on their career, health and fitness and talents. When my relationships do not run smoothly, I don’t feel that I function properly!  So instintively, I shut down and everything gets affected. For that reason, I do my best to work on my relationship by communicating regularly with my partner by making time to talk about US. It might sound cliche but most of us are so busy doing stuff, working and taking care of everyone else that we tend to leave this important time out. Well relationships also need constant work and energy and that is why we attended this workshop.

Truth is that NO ONE is perfect in a couple and once we accept that, we need to learn to live and enjoy our life forward together. How? By talking more, by being more aware of how each person in the relationship reacts, by facing our small or big differences from a place of love and respect.

“Healthy relationship with others starts with healthy relationship with self. If you don’t know how to love yourself and treat yourself with kindness – others won’t know how to do so either.Today is the best day to start loving your own quirks and imperfections and stop trying to be perfect. If you are looking for perfection, get comfortable being single….Nobody is perfect, and nobody wants to stay in a relationship with someone who is ”  – Veronika Vazeri



This tip is fantastic for those constantly seeking the perfect man or the perfect woman to match their 100 plus tick box list. Wake up. There is no such thing as a perfect human being. The moment you learn to love yourself and open up to the possibility of a relationship based on communication and friendship, then is when there is hope for a relationship to last through thick and thin, good and bad, stress and joy, children and so much more!

What we learnt in this workshop from Veronica and her very practical approach, is how to think about yourself and your partner in terms of masculine and feminine energies, or polarity –  and once you grasp what energies you are, then you can manage  conversations and perhaps  issues better.

“Veronica even had some practical role play exercises for us on how to start a conversation with respect and how to create a space for a healthy conversation based with good intent and long-term solutions. I loved these! ” Grazielle

Luckily Marco and I already use some of these methods in our every day lives, but there were some new things we learnt that when put into practice, will definitely keep strengthening our communications skills. As I said in my Instagram post this week, relationships need constant work and attention because we are constantly changing, the world is changing around us and so much is going on and for that reason you need to be strong in your relationship to withstand any tornados around you.

We thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and for anyone interested to attend the next one, Veronica Vazeri will be holding the next one called “Kindle the Flame in February close to Valentine’s Day.

For information and ticket sales, visit Veronica Vazeri’s social media pages.



This photo was snapped by Martin Pettersson on one of our first dates 5 years ago! So blessed to have met Marco, this beautiful soul mate, who allows me to be myself and encourages me to be the best woman and partner I can be.



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