Back To School – Actually First Day To School

School bells are beginning to ring all around the country and mums everywhere are getting everything together to ensure that their families and kids have a smooth transition from summertime to school time. Some schools have already kicked off. We are getting organised slowly for baby Luna’s big day next week – her first day at school! OMG! It’s happening. I only gave birth a few years ago to this tiny baby girl, and suddenly she is almost 3 years old and she starts kinder school!



Photography by Johan Mifsud
Luna’s clothes, shoes and school accessories: Mothercare Malta
My clothes: M & Co Malta
Necklace: Virag Design
Hair: Mixa’s Salon
Make Up: Daniela Ebejer @ Melita Health & Beauty




Luna loves her new Peppa Pig school bag and matching umbrella , both from Mothercare Malta

Her cute school uniform is hanging in her wardrobe, waiting to be worn. We got her some basic essentials including colouring crayons, a Peppa Pig School Bag with a matching umbrella for rainy days, pretty lunch boxes, and other things that came to mind. Just wanted to point out that all these featured items that baby Luna is wearing in the photos are from Mothercare Malta, who will be joining us on our blog journey with Blog by Grazielle , from now till Christmas time to bring you some clothing and gift ideas for mothers and their children.

As parents, we are sooo excited for her and are looking forward to see how she develops at school… We also have lots of questions running through our minds… Will she be Ok in her new surroundings, will she cry when we drop her off on the first day, will she get on with the other children, will she get bullied? It’s only normal I guess… What we have to do is trust in the school system and just prepare ourselves in the few ways we can right?!





This is one of the pretty ruck sacks available at Mothercare Malta

Here are a few very basic ways we are doing as a family to get into the new swing of the scholastic journey.

1. Adjust sleep and wake up routines before school starts

This will be one big challenge because our daughter like many others in this tech savvy world we live in, loves watching videos on her i-pad and sometimes she can watch it late at night till 10pm so, it is going to be quite challenging to get her to sleep by 8 or 9 pm at the latest to be fresh for the early morning wake up and preparation.

2. Over the weekend, get laundry, groceries and meal preparations done for the week

I don’t think I can overstate how much it helps us working moms and daddies to get household essentials sorted on weekends as opposed to trying to squeeze everything late on weeknights. I know this well, because I often fail to get laundry or groceries finished by Sunday night, and spend the remainder of the week cursing myself as I dig through laundry baskets or stop at the grocery store on the way from home from a long workday. Thank goodness for my Swedish husband who helps out with laundry chores because otherwise our laundry would not get done for weeks sometimes! True story.

3. Lunch Ideas that she will be happy with

For those of you who know me personally, know very well that me and the kitchen are not the best of friends, meaning I’m quite lazy when it comes to food preparation and any form of complicated cooking so this is going to be one of my main challenges to be honest. How to prepare the lunch box for Luna to enjoy, something healthy and easy to eat. I luckily have friends and family who gave me a few ideas. Also looked online and I got some inspiration haha. Wish me luck. Maybe one day you will see a post from me showing you one lunch box effort that went awesome! (maybe…not promising you anything here!) I will soon share some pretty items from Mothercare that we use to make her lunchtime and dinnertime at home a bit fun.

Fresh Mommy blogger Tabitha Blue encouraged to “Think Outside The Lunch Box” as she shared tips for creating healthy and nutritious lunches that children will love, and parents can easily put together. She used a variety of products to create lunch solutions that go way beyond the brown paper lunch sack and standard issue PB&J.



Download some of her super fun recipes and grocery checklists HERE

What can I say! Wish me and Luna’s daddy some luck on this new adventure in our lives. Of course as parents, like many of you out there, we wish only the best for our children. We’re also a little nervous to see her go and to make all these new adjustments – Soooo excited for her new chapter so stay tuned and follow us for this part of our life too! Let’s make this first week a breeze !!!!

Love to all!

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Photography by Johan Mifsud
Luna’s clothes, shoes and school accessories: Mothercare Malta
My clothes: M & Co Malta
Necklace: Virag Design
Hair: Mixa’s Salon
Make Up: Daniela Ebejer @ Melita Health & Beauty

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