Black and White Costume

Here comes the summer, and with it another cheerful clothing season – swimsuit season. Although I’m planning on spending lots of July and August being occupied with a multitude of things (as usual), I will most certainly be relaxing by the pool with friends or with my cute family, visiting pretty beaches while on vacation in Europe and taking time to pamper myself a little too. Summer is holiday time!




Taking a careful look at my swimwear inventory, I noticed that apart from the one I wore in Dubai, I was missing some more trending pieces this season – one-piece swimsuits! You know by now that I’m not a fan of tan lines, as in I like to have an even tan, so a bikini is always my first option – always! However, there are times when I know that the afternoon date will lead to a sunset cocktail at a beach club or a spin on a yacht charter in Malta. Sometimes to be honest, after a massive lunch I feel bloated and I feel a little conscious about my stomach. In that case, a one piece suit in my beach bag is a must. I’ll carry an extra throwover or a tie up dress shirt, freshen up with some bright coloured lip gloss and enjoy the evening in peace and style. I know that many of you out there love swimsuits so I will show you a couple I got this season!

The Look

This one-shoulder swimsuit is one I got from Piccinino at The Point. It caught my eye because it looks elegant in a beauty pageant kind of way and it is asymmetric. I like different. These asymmetric cuts are not limited to dresses for the spring/ summer 2017 trends it seems, with swimwear certainly taking on the look with so many single-shoulder single-piece designs hitting the runways and stores this year. I styled it with a simple trendy black throwover, also from Piccinino , my new shoes from Bata, wrap Versace sunnies and that was me ready for my cocktail hour!

I love this swimsuit and I’m delighted with these lovely photographs captured at Sky Beach at InterContinental Malta by my talented Italian photographer and friend Carlo Jourdan .

Until the next swimsuit post, enjoy your week and stay tuned to my Blog, Facebook and Instagram pages for more and more fun stuff every single day!


Was wearing:

Swimsuit: Piccinino Lingerie
Eyewear: Versace @ Vision Opticians
Hat: Asos
Shoes: BATA

Photography: Carlo Jourdan for Blog by Grazielle








  • Grazielle Camilleri: Black and White Costume
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