SUN & MORE Milk Shake Products: Review

It’s already June! Waaa! Election Day in Malta has come and gone and I’m now in my element in this season. Why? I love summer. I enjoy trips to the beach, summer clothes, lying by the pool soaking up the Mediterranean sun and living in the present moment. I love the smell of the sea and the barbecue nights and listening to “El Pasito” on the radio stations. We’ve just booked a couple of family vacations for the coming months, just to ensure we have a lot of well-deserved relaxation and spend time with our families and close friends. A few good tools to have with me right now are the hair products which will protect my now light-coloured hair from the lightening and dehydrating effects of the sun, so I obviously welcome these new babies – the new range of milk_shake sun & more!


They all smell delicious and the packaging is bright and bold in yellow and turquoise. Here is what I have to say about them!

milk_shake sun & more all over shampoo

This cleansing and calming shampoo for hair and body feels good in the hair and the skin. It lathers nicely and is ideal after swimming in the sea and sunbathing by the pool for many hours in the sun. I have also used it on my daughter Luna and she liked it too. Thumbs up!



milk_shake sun & more beauty mask

The mask is a nourishing and conditioning mask designed for use after shampooing to soothe the damaging effects of the sun, salt, wind and chlorine. I used it this week and I liked its effects. It has a deep penetrating action, created through its conditioning ingredients with natural extracts like muru muru butter, quinoa proteins, hibiscus oil, organic passion fruit oil and organic argan oil. I applied it to clean damp hair after using the all over shampoo. I left it in my hair for about 5 minutes and rinsed it off. The result? It leaves hair really soft and shiny and smelling of candy. Love it!



milk_shake sun & more incredible milk

Now that my 12 effects Incredible Milk has finished, I had to get its summer equivalent.! milk_shake® sun & more incredible milk is a spray mask with 12 cosmetic benefits in a ‘sun edition’, with UV filters, to give all the necessary elements to protect hair during the summer. It protects from UV rays and smoothens the cuticle. It is a leave in formula so you spray it in after you would have used shampoo and mask and style as normal.


milk_shake® sun & more incredible milk has 12 cosmetic benefits which makes it a very sought after product! What are they in a nutshell?

1. Prevents split ends
2. Protects from heat
3. Gives manageability
4. Detangles
5. Gives incredible shine
6. Gives body and volume
7. Enhances use of flat or curling irons
8. Protects and maintains color
9. Protects from UV rays
10. Smoothens the cuticle

I also was very lucky to benefit from a free gift with purchase. I got this pretty pink beach bag when purchasing it from my closest Milk Shake hair salon. If you are lucky, you might get one too when purchasing 3 items from the Sun & More Range. If not, no worries. Better luck next time!


Enjoy summer and have fun with your loved ones and stay tuned for updates from me!


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