Day 3 at #MFWA2017 – Summer vibes and Divas come out to Play

Oh my! It’s getting hotter and hotter at Fashion Week 2017 as the week progresses – and I don’t only mean the temperature rising in Malta at 24 degrees Celsius making it more difficult on all the makeup and hairstylists and models preparing for all these fantastic shows! #MFWA2017 On Day 3, I’m totally feeling the goddess vibes and for this reason I have picked this white dress with gold embellishments for tonight! For Full Blog and photoshoot in this dress CLICK HERE.

MFWA 2017 - Grazielle - JCiappara Photography


Lead Makeup Artist: Talitha Dimech
Assisted by: Jeanette Cardona, Karen Decelis, Daniela Zammit, Daniela Cremona
Lead Hairstylist: Dean Gera
Assisted by: M Cast Students
Photos: Luke Testaferrata

I am eager to see what this lovely designer has created this season. One collection after the other, I can never get enough of her work. Simplistic in its design and very rich in its fabrics, Carla manages to create these most show stopping creations for how they fall naturally on the human body and yes I am a huge fan of bright colours all year round but especially in summer when our suntans are more welcoming for coloured clothing.

What did we see? Her signature Kaftans – super pretty, some framed high at neckline, others open to reveal sensuous knotted bikinis, silk palazzo pants and colourful embroidery. Silk trousers, flowy tops, short dresses, long dresses in that bougainvilla pink, touches of lime green inspired by the prickly pears you find on Maltese farms, and of course lots of shades of blue inspired by the Mediterranea sea and skies. Oh Lovely! I m in love as always. Ladies, there are styles for women of all shapes and ages for summer 2017.

Light, flowy fabrics which make you just wanna go on a vacation or take a day off on a yacht just to be able to wear them.

carla grima 1

carla grima 2

carla grima 3

carla grima 4

carla grima 5


The exhibition by designer Désirée Azzopardi at DESIREE Fashion Design this year is entitled ‘’Less is (not) More’’ and it consists of handmade leather bags, each with a Malta-inspired hand-painted artwork on it. I had interviewed Desiree in Gozo two weeks ago about this collection. To see a FULL BLOG POST about LESS IS MORE and many pics of her work CLICK HERE. Désirée Azzopardi’s aim is to integrate some of Malta’s most-loved locations or products, in an unconventional manner into wearable fashion.

Recently, when the Azure window in Dwejra collapsed, leaving no sign it ever even existed. This was the first time in recent history whereby a natural act of nature brought up so many different emotions amongst both the Maltese and foreigners, one which was hard to describe and believe.

This season she designed and created from scratch a collection of handmade, real leather bags to pay tribute to some of these popular and well-loved Maltese forms which are dear to our hearts, and may not be there forever. These include; the beautiful Mdina entrance, the past Azure window in Gozo, the iconic Valletta skyline, the well-loved Bajtra and the traditional Bizzilla.

desiree 1 (2)

desiree 2

desiree 3

desiree 4


Lead Makeup artist: Elaine Galea
Assisted by: Alexia Kind, Ruth Abela, Ruth Marguerat, Marina Muscat, Fabienne Bezzina, Miriam Pace, Marilyn Caruana, Moni Torok, Christina Moncholi, Marilyn Montanaro
Lead Hairstylist: Toni & Guy
Assisted by: the Artistic Team at Toni & Guy
Photography: Bernard Polidano

Next up was the fashion show with bridal dresses by Ivory & Co. This was the show to make all brides-to-be and their potential husbands drool! From embellished lace for the modern romantic to crystal-embellished fabulousness we witnessed a runway with the most beautiful dresses you can dream of for your big day. Feathers, bows, and capes are some of our favorite trends to come down the aisle. .Ladies the statement-back trend is here to stay. Scroll through some of my favourite lace motifs, crystal embellishments below and I’ll let the images speak for themselves.

About Ivory & Co: With an emphasis on creating stunning gowns with the highest quality materials Mr Joseph Gauci Ivory & Co’s Fashionista believes that it is essential to put the bride at the centre of the Ivory and co. design philosophy. This is the single most important garment a bride will ever buy and wear. The most important element for every Ivory and co. bride is that they carefully look after her along the journey to make sure they understand every aspect of her dream dress and ensure that this time is an enjoyable experience to remember.

During this fashion show I just sat back and enjoyed one stunning dress after the other present itself to us. So…. brides-to-be to find your dream wedding dress or have one bespoke one created from scratch for you! Thank you for this beautiful show!

ivory & co 2

ivory & co 3

ivory & co 4

ivory & co 5

ivory & co1


This year ROSITA  presents her Serendipity Collection during Malta Fashion Week in an interesting presentation. Beautiful models were led out to centre stage and invited to stand on white pillars for the eyes of all present including the photographers that were snapping away.

Silk epitomises natural beauty and femininity and feels great on one’s skin. Rosita hand paints all her pieces and no pieces are the same. She takes great pride in her work and it shows when she presents it all together like this.  We saw a wide and varied selection of pieces in silk in different colour tones and very interesting patterns. For the men, Rosita presented a selection of hand-painted and hand made silk ties with matching pocket squares. The jewellery that accompanied Rosita’s works are by a designer by the name of Virag Andersson – unique statement pieces which are the perfect pairing to this type of clothing Thank you Rosita for this lovely presentation! Here is a video that captures quite a lot of the show. I have more videos on my Instagram Stories from last night!




Live Video from the Malta Fashion & Awards Facebook Page


Lead Makeup artist: Marlene Vassallo
Assisted by: Amanda Greaves, Henry Galea, Martina Bugeja, Rodianne Caruana, Rebecca Busuttil, Cristina Moncholi, Fabienne Bezzina
Photography: Justin Ciappara

Inspired by iconic singers the likes of Cher, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, Gaetano you left us breathless with your show – a beautiful array of mermaid gowns, cocktail dresses, designed for the woman who is excited to explore her sensuality, a confident woman who is not scared to be frivolous, daring and sexy yet elegant.

Gaetano’s collection DIVAS is a tribute to these singers – talented, glamorous, ladies with attitude. Every piece on the runway was stunning. I would like to order one of each please. Personally coming from a history of several years as a dancer, these clothes reminded me of that glamour of performance dresses every week in cabaret shows and they excite not only me but a lot of women out there who love to dress up and feel good at special occasions. The makeup and the hair was fantastic and the models by Supernova Management were perfection personified.

Well I will let these photos speak for themselves. Thank you so much Gaetano for this lovely show and for the white and gold dress you gave me to wear tonight. Everyone loved it!

MFWA 2017 - Gaetano - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Gaetano - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Gaetano - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Gaetano - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Gaetano - JCiappara Photography

Live video from my personal facebook Page

Hope you enjoyed this full review of all the shows and exhibitions held last night. We have another 3 nights to go so stay tuned for my daily updates here, on My Instagram page and My Facebook Page Blog by Grazielle .

XXX Grazielle -

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