Spotlight on Ana Klaro Fitness Fashion

If we must get fit and healthy, we might as well look great doing it. Right? I love to jog and dance and do some weight training every week, in addition to following a healthy diet, so for me what I wear really gets me all the more motivated to work out – not the other way around.


I wear various sports brands including the world-famous Nike, Adidas and Bloch depending on my requirements. However I have recently discovered a website which offers these really stylish and unique fitness wear for when I want to stand out and change brands a little.

I present you Ana Klaro Exclusive Fitness Fashion. Ana Klaro which is named after Ana herself who is managing the website and designing some lines in the pipeline has contacted me to collaborate to show you some of her pieces.


All clothing on provides active wear for women who love to look good whilst keeping fit. Each and every garment is produced using the very best textiles and Brazilian production know how and it includes two lines. There is the Essential line which includes a line of active wear garments, mostly single colours, perfect for every day use and then there is the Trendy line, my favourite – a very cool line of garments that will certainly make you stand out at the gym either because of the unique patterns or the actual designs.

I have been using them for over two months now. Before accepting this collaboration, I wanted to train with them and wash them to check how they do in the washing, and be sure they are good quality before recommending them to you. My feedback is that they are amazing! I also noticed quite a few double takes whilst running or dancing with them haha. They are unique and very good quality too!

This Look

I have been selected to be a brand ambassador in Malta and for this reason I would like to show you this outfit to begin with. It is black and white, great for winter workouts indoor or outdoor. I also have the trendy gloves from the same website which are sooo cool. I styled them by accessorising with my Miu Miu shades and Nike shoes.

With the very talented photographer Christoffer Staar I shot this outfit in the luxurious shopping mall in El Duque in Tenerife with a few dozen of people watching and cheering while eating their ice-creams and cold beers. That’s part of the fun of my job I guess – entertaining people in my own kind of way! I hope you like the photos as much as we do!







Our Gift to You

As a Brand Ambassador for the brand I would like to give the opportunity to all my friends, family and followers to purchase items from at a 20% Discount. All you have to do when ordering is to use the promo code GRAZIELLE20

Have a look at these athleisure finds that take your workout clothes from gym to street and find something fun and unique to wear that no one else in your gym will be wearing. This active wear works just as well for lifting weights or kickboxing as it does for plies and split jumps.

Stay tuned for more!


Photography: Christopher Staar




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