New Year, New Healthier You

We all know that New Year’s resolutions are a bit like babies: They’re fun to create but extremely difficult to maintain!

Each January, roughly one in three humans in the universe resolves to better themselves in someway. A much smaller percentage of people actually make good on those resolutions. Studies prove that while about 75% of people stick to their objectives for at least a week, less than half (46%) are still on target six months later.


It’s hard to keep up the enthusiasm months after your January motivation and promises. This year, I suggest you pick just one of the worthy resolutions, and stick with it all the way. It’s OK to have bad days when you relax a little on your determination to achieve your goals, but then you can just pick it back up a few days later and get on track.

This year, when it comes to keeping a healthy mindset and trying to keep control on your weight, I will be trying to motivate some of you through some posts. What you might not know is that although I am a mum and have a very hectic schedule sometimes,  I still stick to practising a regular exercise routine consisting in half an hour to one hour daily, wherever I am and whatever mood I am in that day. Many a time, I go out jogging with my husband, with my daughter in the pram. We make it work together and our baby girl loves the outing. I believe we are also setting an example to her by showing her that exercise is part of life as food and skill development are.


Although I wine and dine out a lot, and I don’t cook a lot, I tend to balance out what I eat and I drink a lot of water. So if you allow me to start with a few pointers to help you kick start an exercise routine and perhaps control your diet,  my rule no 1 is No Excuses. “Just Do It!”(More action. Less talk this year). Rule no 2 is Involve a Friend (something shared is always better than doing something alone.) Rule no 3 is Don’t Keep any unhealthy stuff in the fridge or anywhere you will find them when you are craving just that. Throw it all out and buy healthy foods including fruits and vegetables for all the family and leave small amounts readily cut, so that they are quick and easy to snack on. How’s that for just a small taste. I’m here to help and motivate you to be healthier this year!

Let’s begin a more healthy 2017 together. Here’s to your health!

I am wearing

In this feature, I am wearing a full outfit and accessories by Nike from the outlet at The Point, who I will be collaborating with this year to bring you oufits and health conscious tips brought to you by Blog by Grazielle.









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Thank you Christoffer Staar for these wonderful images!


  1. Love the NIKE outfit and love the photos especially the first one! Have been following your instagram stories while you were in Tenerife and I got so motivated to work out especially with the appropriate sports wear! Keep it up !!

    • Ah thank you Deborah. It s difficult for me to know who is following but I am soooo happy to hear that I have inspired you a little xxxx

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