Knock Knock Ginger

Knock, Knock, Ginger also known as Knock and Run is a joke or game dating back to 19th-century. The game is played by children in many cultures including Malta and Gozo, or at least they used to play it before all the technology and computer games became popular. It involves knocking on the front door or ringing the doorbells of poor victims, then running away before the door can be answered. It is very annoying if you are the victim but I understand it can be fun for the kids. That adrenaline rush from the fear of getting caught out!

Well, this is what went through my mind when walking through the picturesque village of Attard with the photographer Magdalena to capture some photos of this pretty outfit by Benetton.


The United Colors of Benetton Look

I decided to go for this warm orange polo shirt with this matching A-line three-quarter length skirt from the new collection at Benetton at the PAMA Shopping Complex in Mosta. I accessorised with dark blue accessories as a contrast including the leather shoes, the handbag, the scarf. To finish off the look – these cool blue oval sunglasses by Giorgio Armani.

This is an outfit I would wear to work or to meet for a relaxing lunch with friends. I do love bright colours – even in winter. They make me happy and they emit warm energy to others too!



Real moments and real emotions are what life is all about. In fact that is the message behind “Clothes for Humans”, the United Colors of Benetton product and marketing philosophy which was launched this year on all the brand’s websites and stores worldwide. Clothes play an important emotional part of our lives. Every morning, when we wake up and choose what to wear, we are deciding what our personality will be for the day ahead and how our feelings will be attuned to the different moments that await us. The clothes for humans philosophy starts from here: Benetton’s clothes empower people to express their emotions and get the most out of the experiences they live.

And with this I leave you to enjoy your beautiful day ahead.










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Love and light to everyone around the world!

I was wearing

Top: Benetton, PAMA Shopping Complex, Mosta
Skirt: Benetton, PAMA Shopping Complex, Mosta
Bag: Benetton, PAMA Shopping Complex, Mosta
Shoes: Benetton, PAMA Shopping Complex, Mosta
Eyewear: Emporio Armani @Vision Opticians, Optika Opticians


All photos are by Magdalena at M&J Photo Studio International


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