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Shopping is always fun if your mindset is right. So, to look at beautiful kitchens this month, I styled this pretty pink Michael Kors dress from Rebelli and co-ordinated to have some photos taken with photographer Luke Testaferrata Moroni Viani in this modern white Veneta Cucine kitchen at the FINO showroom. I paired this lovely dress with nude Michael Kors stilettos, a pale gold bag and Coeur de Lion jewellery with pink and grey hues from Porto at Portomaso.  I love the colour and comfort aspect of this pretty dress and the combination worked well, wouldn’t you agree?

Photo by Luke Testaferrata - (

Let’s Talk Kitchens

Furnishing your home can be one of the most exciting or the most dreadful thing you do in your lifetime. It’ s all about the mindset and how you choose to go about selecting the kitchen that suits you and your lifestyle. When shopping for a new kitchen we must ask ourselves these questions.


How do I want to use my kitchen?

If you see it as an entertainment area, a kitchen island will likely play a big role in the design. If you want to cook and clean there, you might want a stovetop and sink too, which can affect the other work zones in the room.

If you prefer privacy while you cook, a smaller kitchen with a tighter work space may be what you need. And if you wish for the kitchen to be integrated with the living area, make the entry ways large but consider how much of your kitchen work area you want to have visible from other rooms.

Photo by Luke Testaferrata - (

Photo by Luke Testaferrata - (

It is so easy to get caught up in the appearance of a kitchen — just think of the beautiful ones we see in the showrooms. But you can’t live in a picture alone. To get what you want from a new kitchen, you have to be honest, both with yourself and the designer, from the start and you might have to swap things around for practicality’s sake.

Who is likely to use kitchen at the same time?

Are family dinners important? If so, figure out where to seat everyone. Should you prefer to sit around a dining table, think about what shape and size will best accommodate everyone. If the island is the most obvious spot, make sure enough seating can fit around it that no one is squished.

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If you are a large family living under one roof, determine how many of them tend to cook or clean up together after meals. Then design a suitable workstation for each that won’t require anyone to habitually cross into another’s work territory and cause unnecessary arguments.

Do you eat mostly fresh food or packaged food?

It is a question I have had to ask myself. A family that lives primarily on frozen meals, chips and out-of-the-packet meals will need lots of fridge and freezer space and even more storage sections. Those who prefer fresh foods, which are consumed more quickly than packaged, will likely require less storage space, more prep and cooking stations and countertop surfaces for cutting and cooking magic.


Do you bake or do any cooking that requires bulky equipment?

This is another important point to nail down during the planning process, because the answer is crucial to the layout. A baker may want an entire station devoted to the art of making cakes and bread making. If you are not that type of person, like me then you don’t need a huge working station.
Are countertop appliances OK, or do you like everything to be hidden?

This I am very fussy about. The answer to this question will help a designer understand how much space needs to be devoted to considerations beyond food. If you want sleek countertops devoid of any clutter, you and your designer will need to map out a spot for every gadget and appliance. In my opintion less is more in a kitchen. I don’t like too many appliances showing.

A good kitchen designer will begin the planning process by spending time getting to know the client. The answers gathered from asking these sorts of questions will hopefully translate into a kitchen design that fits you, your needs and the rest of your home like a glove.

I hope that you have found these tips interesting. You might be looking for a new kitchen soon!


I was wearing:

Dress: Michael Kors at Rebelli
Shoes: Michael Kors at Rebelli
Purse: Michael Kors at Rebelli
Jewellery: Porto, Portomaso
Hair: He & She Salon
Make Up: Daniela at Melita Health & Beauty
Photographer: Luke Testaferrata Moroni Viani

Photo by Luke Testaferrata - (

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