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Hello everyone! A special blog post for you today about my beautiful white teeth! I often say that our smile and our happy attitude is one of our best accessories. So, that means that taking care of our teeth is crucial to keeping our best accessories shining bright like diamonds. Truth be told, with time and by drinking lots of coffee and tea and by eating food with pigments, our teeth tend lose their whiteness. It’s a fact. So we have to take care of them every day by cleaning them and what else can we do?!

Grazielle - Niumee - JCiappara Photography

I’d like to share a tip of something I just tried because I really wanted to brighten my teeth without hassling with the over-the-counter packs and I’m very pleased with the results! Great news is that modern day technologies have made teeth whitening one of the most affordable services for each one of us, both men and women!

After having my hair and makeup done by the fantastic team at Inglot, I went to Niumee to treat myself to a fantastic cosmetic whitening treatment called PEARLSMILE!

My Experience

Duration of teeth whitening procedure: 60 minutes ( You can choose the 20 minute one)
Results: My teeth went 6 to 7 shades brighter in 1 hour
Practicality: 10/10 It is easy, painless, harmless, so worth the time
How is it done: Seated in a trendy chair with LED lights

I had this treatment done and I was ready to get on with the rest of my long day and night!


Does it hurt?

Absolutely not

Grazielle - Niumee

Grazielle - Niumee - JCiappara Photography

Grazielle - Niumee - JCiappara Photography

Are there any side effects?

No this treatment does not cause any side effects. A number of scientific studies prove that cosmetic teeth whitening is safe and non-toxic. Pearlsmile products are all approved by EU accredited German laboratories. As a safety measure, I would also consult your dentist, especially if you have sensitive teeth.

Grazielle - Niumee - JCiappara Photography

Grazielle - Niumee - JCiappara Photography

Is the LED light dangerous?

LEDs are not dangerous. The light does not damage the gums or the skin tissue. However it is encouraged to wear the safety goggles for a more comfortable experience.

Grazielle - Niumee - JCiappara Photography

Grazielle - Niumee - JCiappara Photography

Who is not allowed to have these treatments?

Pregnant women, persons undergoing chemotherapy, and children under the age of 18.

How long is the procedure?

You can choose the 20 minute one or the 60 minute one. The longer the time, the bigger the difference in shades.


For all enquiries about this treatment and current offers please contact Niumee on and mention BLOG BY GRAZIELLE 

Niumee Centris Business Centre, First Floor, Triq Il-Palazz L-Ahmar, Mriehel, Birkirkara Tel no 20320100

Hope you enjoyed my tip for a beautiful smile with PEARLSMILE and Niumee!

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My Look

Hair: Roberta at Inglot 
Make Up: Emma at Inglot 
Dress: BBY
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Les Petits Joueurs @Rebelli
Photography by Justin Ciappara

P.S. Lovin the New INGLOT HD Lip Tint matte lipsticks. I have them in 5 colours already! 🙂

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