Detangling Brushes for Kids and Invisibobble® Hair Ties

The words every little child dreads is : “It’s time to brush your hair!” It is just not fun for us mums either to chase down our children around the house. Young kids like my little twinkle tend to have finer hair and fine hair tangles easily. Brushing through the knots can be quite uncomfortable for little ones and time consuming for us. Luckily, there are a lot of great tools on the market aimed at making detangling easier and less painful. This is one of them!


1) Tangle Teezer’s Hello Kitty Detangling brush

Apart from looking super cute in pink with the Hello Kitty picture on it, which makes her smile for a few seconds before I start brushing, the key to this great detangling brush is soft flexible bristles that won’t catch or pull hair. It is designed to glide through hair and painlessly remove knots.

It comes in pink, white and red and is available from all leading hair salons.

2) Invisibobble® Hair Ties

Another tip I would like to share is that I’ve just recently discovered these awesome hair ties that allow to style the hair without damaging it. These revolutionary hair rings ut an end to all problems that come with tying up your hair. They pleasantly come in a variety of 8 colours in little boxes containing 3 hair ties in each and I’ve found them to be excellent, both for me and for my daughter.

Thanks to its smooth surface, invisibobble® original doesn’t tangle with dry or wet hair. with invisibobble® as a non-soaking, hygienic water lover you’ll never be annoyed by wet hair ties again!

What’s also cool about them?

You can also turn these hair ties into fashionable bracelets. These invisibobble® originals are colourful and stylish accessories that can match any casual or playful outfit.

Both these genius products are available from all leading hair salons near you!

For enquiries or to buy a detangler brush click HERE

For enquiries or to buy the invisibobble® hair ties click HERE

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PS. A special thanks in this blog goes to my friend blogger Francesca, mum blogger at Gaia and Nina who collaborated with me to prepare a number of personalised flatlays using fresh flowers and petals.

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