The Perfect Hour

One of the things I love most about what I do every single day, is creating new content, in the best way possible – writing articles, taking photos, creating short videos for my blog posts. This is not always easy, because for the most part of the time this “content” includes me, and I’m quite fussy and hard on myself “yeah, this looks ok, yuck, yuck, yepp, maybe, horrible”. Through experience, shooting different things and working with different photographers, including my patient husband (who is not a photographer but helps me out when we are stranded together and I need content photos for the blog – thank you – I love you! ) I’ve learned endless things that make me come to that “gorgeous” photo much easier than spending hours editing them to look a bit better!



I can list a number of things to help you get better pictures. I will do that little by little but one good tip is to choose the right natural lighting. That helps everything look better – And there was Light!



The golden hour in the photography Wikipedia description is” a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky” – It is The Perfect Hour which helps to create the most amazing images. If you manage to capture the look and mood to the right light, then baaang you’ve already got an almost winning formula right there! Hope this helps you get some nice pics of your own!



For this beach look we had a great time shooting this pretty yellow bikini by Michael Kors, a matching sarong by Roberto Cavalli and golden-mirrored shades by Vogue Eyewear at the early hours at sunrise. To find a popular beach totally clear of happy holiday-makers is usually impossible after 10 am so an 8am start here was well worth it! What do you think?



Thanks to Mark Thornton for these photos and Lilly Strange for the make up look using Inglot make up.



Bikini: Michael Kors from Rebelli
Sarong: Roberto Cavalli from Rebelli
Flip flops: Roberto Cavalli from Rebelli
Sunnies: Vogue Eyewear

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