#MFWA2016 Malta DAY 5 – Bold and Beautiful

With each day that passes it gets more and more exciting. Today, the 5th day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Malta, we got splashed with bold prints and silk, then smacked with leather, zips and corsets. Two fashion shows and an exhibition. What a treat!


Kicking off the night at sunset, with views of MSC cruiseliners entering the Grand Harbour in Malta, Ophelia, Carla’s collection, was a colourful array of luxury beachwear with a glamorous, sophisticated edge. Carla specialises in digital prints crafted through a combination of watercolour techniques and photography. Her strength is working with hand-dyed fabrics to transforms them into what I would describe as a contemporary fashion style – understated in design, yet bold in colour.

carla grima 1 photo by jonathan brincat

Photo by jonathan brincat

The designer’s love for the warmth and energy of the Mediterranean lifestyle comes through in her use of feather-light silks in blocks of vivid colour, an symbol for the azure waters, sandy coves, and wild fruits such as prickly pears in the fields and Maltese countrysides.

Carla Grima 2 - photo by Antonella Grima

Photo by Antonella Grima

Ophelia, the name implies, inspired by a character in Hamlet’s literature is designed for a woman who enjoys her privacy and yet holds her own at events and who also loves to be the heart and soul of any party! We saw bronze tanned legs peep out from the high slit dresses which are designed for ladies to be able to dance all night long. Geometric cuts, non-conventional shaped sleeves, trims, and bold prints on silk are just a few words to describe the collection!

Carla Grima 3 photo by ian attard

Photo by Ian Attard

Video Clip from instagram

The makeup for her show by award nominee Diandra Mattei involved gold and bronze hues to match the summer colours while the hair by Dean Gera Hair was styled loose but sleek and away from the face with a side parting. The music with a live saxophone player and trendy beats put me in the party mood for the rest of the evening. It was fun and entertaining for everyone. Philippe Martinet free-flowing fine wines and Theobroma chocolates were served to guests and bloggers.

Carla Grima 4 Photo by Jonathan Brincat

Photo by Jonathan Brincat

I enjoyed the show and will in fact be asking Carla to create a piece for me to wear this summer for the pool parties listed in my calendar of events in Malta and Italy! Carla please take note 
Visit www.carlagrima.com


French couturier Eymeric Francois makes his way to the catwalks of Malta’s Fashion Week 2016. The designer whose trademark couture house codes are Elegance, Sensualism and Fetishism very fittingly sums up the spirit embodied by his unforgettable pieces.

Francois no 1 photo by Jason Spiteri

Photo by Jason Spiteri

His creations are an out-of this-world tribute to women; each piece presents a dreamscape where the wearer is a mythical heroine.

Francois no 2 photo by jason spiteri

Photo by Jason Spiteri

From his experience working as an assistant to top haute couture designers Christian Lacroix and Therry Mugler in his twenties, he developed a somewhat daring style, known for his signature use of the corset as well as his play with unexpected materials. Francois has both fashioned a flowing gown entirely out of yards and zippers and embroidered a dress with pins! Tonight was no exception.

francois no 3 Photo by Jason spiteri

Photo by Jason Spiteri

His collection at the Mercedes- Benz Malta Fashion Week 2016 called Geisha had his signature style written all over it. Models entered gracefully one by one to captivating music holding a mask in front of their faces symbolising the mystery of the Geisha woman in this modern era. In his tradition he builds his daring silhouettes upon a corset, which is hidden for the most part. In some looks he reveals it to the public eye or replaces it in some looks with a large belt with three layers which draws the waistline closer. This trick brings more attention to the bust and the beauty of the hips as the Eymeric François woman moves through space and through time!

Francois no 4 photo by jason spiteri

Photo by Jason Spiteri

In this collection, Eymeric Francois treated us to a unique show with the introduction of this mysterious Japanese influence through the Geisha using materials from original kimonos and embroideries with Asian themes and incorporated them into these one-of-a kind haute couture creations.

We saw a very long-kymono sleeve design with trousers, pencil skirts, shorts and full skirts. One impressive work of art was the one made with hundreds of zips layered together and ingeniously manipulated into a dress.

Another one of my favourites was the corset with the see-through full skirt with glamourous hand-made embroidery on the sides and a furry edge trimming to finish.

Francois no 5 photo jason spiteri

Photo by Jason Spiteri

The models all looked absolutely stunning wearing strong makeup by Elaine Galea including black eyeliner designs on the eyes. Hair was styled straight with a wet look effect. Oh wow! Love love love his work! I am now officially a fan! C’etait tres magnifique!

Visit www.eymericfrancois.com


On day 5, we were invited to an exhibition of exclusive art on shoes by Désirée Azzopardi. The talented young lady loves to create pieces that certainly make a statement! For this exhibition, this designer creates hand-painted designs on 10 pairs of Aldo shoes for both men and women to personify a character she had in mind.

Each pair is a fresh new art canvas to her, where she meticulously hand-paints each one to completion. Uniquely asymmetrical, meaning that the left and the right are not the same design and created to be the focal point in any outfit, Desiree pulls off an exhibition that would certainly attract the attention of celebs like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry had there been a crazy pair of super-high platforms with Desiree’s paintings on them.

Her forte is creating one-off pieces for the woman who does not wish to have shoes like anyone else.

Why wear common shoes like everyone else?

Désirée believes very rightly that shoes have a powerful effect on the way a person feels when dressing up. Her ultimate goal is for people to identify themselves with her shoes through a reflection of their innermost self, and this, in turn, distinguishes them from others in a way that mass-produced shoes never can.Thumbs up Desiree. Would love to see more from you!

Visit www.desireedesignworks.com

Check out some of Desiree’s works here!




Photos by Justin Ciappara

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Photos by Justin Ciappara

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