Happy Mother’s Day to all Mums!

For this special weekend, I thought of organising a little surprise blog with my daughter just this once in collaboration with 202 Jewellery ,Promod Malta , Rebelli and Mineli Shoes Malta. Hope you like it!


When my baby daughter Luna was born on October 26th 2014, nothing ever prepared me for motherhood. As a career woman, I had never planned to be a MUM. The mere thought would scare me when the subject was brought up by friends and family. So when I found out I was pregnant with a child, I was so frightened because I had no clue about how to bring up a child. I was even worried that I would not be able to pursue my career and things I enjoy doing.



How wrong I was! My pregnancy luckily ran as smooth as silk, without any morning sicknesses, swellings or side effects, I enjoyed my pregnancy very much. I exercised regularly and ate super healthy food, went to the gym every day up until I was 8.5 months pregnant, I worked right through to the 8th month. My colleagues throught I was crazy. My husband supported me in every way possible.



When Luna was born she brought so much joy to us and to all our families. She is, like all children, such a blessing. I love to watch her while she sleeps with her favourite teddy all cuddled up and it is so heart-warming to hear her giggle and make new coos every day.



With support from family, I still manage to work and do the things I love, because that is what keeps me alive and happy. I know it is not the same for everyone and a lot of mums struggle every day with so many different problems, but I just wish to take this opportunity to encourage other mums not to be scared. There are days when it is tougher than others and it takes longer to leave the house for example or I have to carry four huge bags plus her out of the house to be able to get through the day’s events or shoots, but I believe that with a positive attitude and good energy everything is possible. If I (who was never experienced in children or household management at all), can manage to raise a child well, believe me, everyone can. All you need is love and a good energy to get through each phase and oh sometimes it’s Ok to take days off, it’s OK to let your hair down and it’s OK to just be You!



This photoshoot with Mother’s Day in mind was held at the Marina Hotel.

My dress: Promod, ,Plaza Shopping Centre
Jewellery: 202 Jewellery Sliema
Luna’s clothes: Okaidi, Plaza Shopping Centre
Bag: Michael Kors at Rebelli
Shoes: Mineli Shoes Malta
Hair Styling: Sheron and Clyde at He and She Salon

Mothers Day Offers This Weekend

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Love To All Mum Bloggers

Mum bloggers are multiplying by the minute. According to recent surveys about 4 million mothers sign in online daily to talk about everything from the best food, to educational toys to fashionable attire. To celebrate Mothers Day on Sunday, May 8, I ve chosen to put a spotlight on 5 of my favourite fashion bloggers who just so happen to be mums. These are very driven, creative women, all very chic modern mothers who focus on fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle just because life is not just about being a MUM!

1. The Glow


The Glow is a glimpse into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms.
Here you’ll find their styling ideas, go-to gear, multitasking secrets, and home decor.

2. Romy & The Bunnies


Julia Restoin Roitfeld’s website, named after her daughter Romy Nicole, is filled with inspiring stories of family and also interviews with fashion-insider mothers.

3. A Merry Mishap

Jewellery designer Jennifer Hagler spices up her Scandinavian design blog with stories and fashionable photos of her adorable family.

4. Gaia & Nina


Instagram blogger Francesca Pace offers a delightful image feed of her two gorgeous daughters Gaia and Nina and their ultra-fashionable clothing and accessories. She also shares her daily thoughts and experiences, very often with a great sense of humour, from the real world of motherhood.

5. The Hive Blog


Fashion journalist, Melissa Magsaysay, and Jimmy Choo’s Director of Entertainment Relations, Sara Riff have created The Hive which is ultimately about busy mums with a very sophisticated and stylish side.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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