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    Crystals – What can they do for me?

    Hello beautiful souls. Hope you are well and in good spirits. I send you warm greetings and good vibes! I’ve been overwhelmed with your reactions and feedback about the first introductory blog I released a couple of weeks ago called “crystals and their healing powers”. It has certainly seeded some curiosity or hit some strings […]

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    My Birthday Celebrations

    Another year, another Birthday Celebration to remember.  This year  I was in Malta for my birthday, I enjoyed a very relaxing day followed by a seated dinner party organised at Temptasian Restaurant at the Palace Hotel. It was one wonderful evening spent with special people and I’m eternally grateful for the warm wishes from everyone […]

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    Hello again and welcome to my blog, the place where I find pleasure in sharing things that interest me together with fashion and beauty tips, events I attend and sometimes subjects that are worth a shoutout. During the past months, I have been introduced to and had the opportunity to delve into the healing power […]

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    Little White Dress

    Hello cute white dress! You are perfect for me. Summer is just round the corner, so apart from making time to start planning that epic summer vacation and going a tad harder on the physical exercise regime to get in good shape, I’m pretty sure that I will need this perfect companion of a dress. […]

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    This Sunday out with the Malta Independent on Sunday, this interview was released on the new fashion and lifestyle magazine “Fashion Trends”. We are so thrilled about this and are very grateful for all the amazing comments from followers and friends on our social media pages about this fantastic article! Malta’s Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle […]

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    Nautical Stripes

    When it comes to clothes, I do like my classic items as much as I like the very up-to-the-minute ones. Classic basics are the best items to spend your money on because they never go out of style and they’re extremely versatile, meaning you will definitely get your money’s worth. One of my favourite options […]