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    Every year, new spots open their doors in Malta and Gozo and I’m sure you all like to try out new places alongside your favourites too like us. If it were up to my husband, we’d always go to the same three restaurants every time we went out to eat, but me, I like to […]

  • kick Grazielle

    The Only Way is Up!

    Hi Everyone. Hope you are all well and in good spirits, prepared to face whatever the universe sends your way this week. Despite some emotional and logistic challenges I encountered, last week was one I conquered pretty well I would say. It is part of life to experience difficult moments alongside the great ones. It […]

  • tenerife blog

    Colour Pop in Tenerife

    The weekend is here. I love Fridays, always have! January is just flying past. January, albeit painful to get back to after the Christmas holidays, is in my opinion the best month to make new annual goals, to get best holiday deals and to stock up on classic items during the January Sales for the […]

  • Hard Rock Cafe Tenerife

    The Hard Rock Café Experience

    Hard Rock Café chain of restaurants worldwide are famous for delivering delicious food in a vibrant atmosphere – simply world class service, fantastic food, and exciting live events. My husband and I are huge fans of this chain and for that reason we like to try out this experience in not only Malta but also […]

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    Baby it’s cold outside

    On days like these, when the outside temperature in Malta is what my iPhone tells me – 10 degrees Celsius, there’s nothing else we can do than just get on with it and long for more favourable temperatures. If you have the luxury, escape to warmer destinations for a month or so and return in […]

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    Quad Safari Bike Tour in Tenerife

    What can I say! Scenic countryside with an adrenaline rush guaranteed. So, here is how my brief story goes..Last week, while on our family vacation in sunny Tenerife for Christmas and the New Year, instead of spending a day at the beach soaking up the sun, I joined my husband and his brother on this […]

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    New Year, New Healthier You

    We all know that New Year’s resolutions are a bit like babies: They’re fun to create but extremely difficult to maintain! Each January, roughly one in three humans in the universe resolves to better themselves in someway. A much smaller percentage of people actually make good on those resolutions. Studies prove that while about 75% […]