• kiabi malta

    My KIABI €100 Shopping Challenge

    Shopping for clothes is tricky sometimes especially when it’s for clothes for kids because you just want to get them the cutest, most beautiful outfits with every shopping spree. However, children grow so fast and they only wear some items a few times! So what I tend to buy for my daughter is one occasional […]

  • music suite at the palace

    In a heart beat

    On Valentines Day, this romantic day filled with candy hearts, sweet talking, lots of chocolate and many extra kisses, feeling good is something I like to do. Not for my husband Marco alone, but for myself, because when I feel good, he’s happy, and so we are both happy. This Valentine’s Day, I didn’t put […]

  • Denim River Island

    New Jeans. New Me

    We all have our addictions and one of mine is Denim, and by denim I mean jeans. It seems like I can never have one pair too many and I’m sure that most of you out there feel the same way. You buy a new pair and you feel like a new person. Then you […]

  • Jazz Cave Malta

    Wining and Dining at Jazz Cave

    Following our wonderful date night at Jazz Cave in St Julian’s, Malta a few months ago, we were back for another round! The restaurant manager Piero was so pleased with the feedback received from my travel blog post that he kindly invited me to re-visit , this time to experience the new menu for first […]

  • CBB_5825

    Hammam Massage at Carisma Spa Malta

    Every so often we book ourselves a massage to spoil ourselves and to treat our body and soul to some tender loving care. Hectic lives need relaxing moments to balance out the strain. Getting a massage feels amazing. In fact, you begin feeling better before the therapist even enters the room. You’re in a dark, […]

  • hoodie and denim blogger

    Hoodie and Denim

    Hi there! Hope you are having a great beginning to the year. We have just said Hello to February 2017. Despite the cold weather, we have had some cosy and heart-warming things to share every day including lots of Valentine related posts – what to do, what to shop for, which restaurants I ve discovered […]