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    Barcelona – What a vibrant city

    You probably have heard or visited the timeless Mediterranean city Barcelona. One of the most popular travel destinations in the world, it attracts travellers from all over because of its beauty and places of interest. I’ve been there about 5 times and I’m already planning another trip there in 2016. I just love that it […]

  • Castel Sant Angelo Rome

    Things To See in Rome, Italy’s Magnificent Capital

    As everyone knows – Rome in Italy wasn’t built in a day, therefore any traveller needs much more than a day to take in this timeless city. Italy’s capital city – Rome has plenty of piazzas, historic sites and open-air markets to savour, not to mention a myriad of world-renowned designer shops for enthusiastic fashion […]

  • Venice Blog Ride through canal

    A day in the romantic Venice

    Before I visited Venice, I had heard from travellers that this city is one of the most charming cities in the world. So while travelling in Italy for work, I stopped in Venice for a day. Holidays should be about exploring new and unknown places, about relaxing the mind and being open to what’s all […]