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    Warriors of Love Speak Up

    Hello and welcome once again to my blog. This week it is with great honour that I present this article to you with full support from my family and friends and from RMJ Horse Rescue who allowed us to take out their beautiful horses to capture some photos to share with you all. We all […]

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    How to Keep Motivated

    Hi beautiful souls. Wish you warm greetings today. A week ago one of my followers reached out on Instagram and suggested I write an article about how I keep excited about health and fitness and how I persist with constant energy on a variety of projects. So here I am writing this post with love. Motivation […]

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    Connecting The Dots

    Hi everyone! Sorry if I was a tad quiet this week on the blog section but we have been busy settling in to work after the vacation, searching for a new apartment and a new car too. Missions accomplished. About Connecting The Dots… Every so often, we all find ourselves at a junction in our […]