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    Black and gold bikini at showers 2017

    There’s nothing like a simple black bikini that just makes a woman look her best on the beach, by the pool or at a party. Simplicity is sexy. I couldn’t wait to attend the coolest and much awaited Showers 2017 event at the idyllic Café del Mar Malta to be able to wear this pretty […]

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    Action-packed week and beach weekend

    Last week was quite hectic– it involved a diverse assortment including dance performances in the theatre, rehearsals, work days, lunch dates, pool parties and some relaxing family time on Sunday! Phew! So, yes, I will be sharing some information and lots of lovely beach and outfit pics in upcoming blog posts this week, here and […]

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    Office wear when I ride the motorbike

    I’ve got a traveller’s soul when it comes to places to work. I was not keen on renting an office when I started my marketing business 4 years ago and gave birth to baby Luna almost three years ago. After spending most of my life working for large companies in fixed offices, I thought of […]

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    Lounge by the Pool After Work at Hilton Malta

    Hello Everyone! June temperatures in Malta and the Mediterranean have shot up these past weeks, making us all wish we were by the pool sipping cocktails instead of working at the office desk right? Well I have some very refreshing news to share with those of you residing on the Maltese islands who are looking […]

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    Blue Floral Dress at Palazzo Parisio

    This summer is all about prints and what says summer better than flowers! This week was a lot of fun in many ways. Work, public holiday and a trip to the dentist. Ouch! Still on antibiotics for a wisdom tooth growth but it’s OK. Life goes on. This month, both my husband and I have […]

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    Black and White Costume

    Here comes the summer, and with it another cheerful clothing season – swimsuit season. Although I’m planning on spending lots of July and August being occupied with a multitude of things (as usual), I will most certainly be relaxing by the pool with friends or with my cute family, visiting pretty beaches while on vacation […]

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    Emozioni Coin Keepers by Hot Diamonds

    Beyond excited to kick of this week with some jewellery talk and results of a photoshoot, captured in the magical gardens of Palazzo Parisio. Imagine sweltering summer heat, bright sunshine and pretty insects flying around. Even though we started as early as at 8 am, it was one tough shoot to pull off but with […]

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    Jet Skis and Sunset Bliss at PINK Fashion Show 2017

    Famous for its vibrant nightlife, sun kissed beaches and stunning locations, Malta certainly had one more memorable fashion event to staple this year in its best highlights! The PINK Fashion Show Summer Edition 2017 certainly offered all persons present a tiny taste of Mediterranean summers in Malta and the season’s hottest fashion trends, all this […]

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    Beach Bunny Bikini Got Me in Chains

    A bikini is more than just a swimsuit you wear to the beach. It embodies a lifestyle of freedom, fun, travel and relaxation. Today’s bikini post comes with love from one of our new favourite luxury rooftop destinations perched up high on the 19th Floor of Malta’s 5 Star InterContinental Hotel – SKYBEACH! This gorgeous […]