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    Fashion For A Cause 2019 and my lovely dress

    Hello there and welcome once again to my blog. I just couldn’t wait to share these lovely photos of this outfit I wore this week to FASHION FOR A CAUSE, an event held at Villa Francica to raise funds in aid of the Marigold Foundation under the patronage of Ms Michelle Muscat. I love this […]

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    Here’s an exciting fashion update from KARL LAGERFELD! Well, thanks to #TeamKarl in Milan, I am now receiving up to the minute news and invitations to attend their events! I did not make it to this launch, but I am still happy to share the news with you here on my Blog!  KARL LAGERFELD is […]

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    Lemille – Glam Jewellery in a Click

    A Blog in Partnership with GABA Malta It’s spring time! All I can think about is how I love this time of year, and how much I’m looking forward to warmer days in summer when you will certainly find me enjoying more evening events and activities like pool parties, family barbecues, a number of weddings; […]

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    This Summer, Go For Gold

    Summer is coming, and sunny getaways are on the horizon. ‘Tis the season for craving gold everything! We are always looking for unique and textural pieces to add to our collection, and the examples here are essentially wearable pieces of art that will look lovely against a summer glow. Really and truly, an elegant woman […]

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    Shop for Grazielles Second Hand Wardrobe

    Hi everyone! I have been asked many many times. “Do you sell your clothes and accessories once you don’t want them anymore?” So I decided to try out an ONLINE SALE to test the feedback of persons interested. This first one was mainly a sale of BAGS including brands such as Gucci, Michael Kors, GUESS, […]

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    How to wear yellow and green

    An outfit post in collaboration with Gerry Weber As leaves slowly turn into to the most beautiful Spring colours, so does my wardrobe. Other than the usual suspects such as black leather jackets and denim jackets, there is forest-green, deep yellow, and pale purples making their way out of the dark. I love our crisp […]

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    Spring Reflections and Colour Trends 2019

    It’s Spring time! There is no time of year that trumps the Spring season. Our productivity increases as the days get longer. Our moods are elevated as flowers start to bloom. We can feel the warm sun on our skin during morning runs. We start to long for ice-cream and before we know it, boots […]