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    Black and Gold

    The minute I set my eyes on this skirt, I couldn’t leave the shop without it. As you know by now, I am a huge fan of black and gold combos and I am posting these photos because the weather in Malta this week is getting warmer during the day and yet still is a […]

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    Fitness Time with D Squared2 at Rebelli

    Hello world! Exercise may not immediately come to mind when you think of things that make you all excited (and I won’t shame you if chocolate cupcakes or a new season of Game of Thrones top your list), but it’s one of the healthiest love affairs you can have. It pushes you to be a […]

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    Do you love scarves?

    Hi All! Quick deliberation for you today. Are you intrigued by scarves? Do you wear them for style, comfort – or both?Always on the fashion accessories trend is the undeniable styling of the glorious scarf. Not only do scarves keep your outfit in check, but also make you feel comfortable and warm out when it’s […]

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    Cheers to A Beautiful Life

    I would like to drop you all a few lines to say THANK YOU so much for all the lovely birthday messages sent on facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus and for all the phone calls too! So nice to hear your voices! I sincerely felt the love from so many friends, work colleagues […]

  • Jumeirah Zabeel Sarey

    I woke up like this!

    I’m obviously joking. This moment in time was precisely 5 weeks ago during our vacation in Dubai in the suite at the Jumeirah Zabeel Sarey resort. This captivating dress from London F Café is beautiful and unique. Long, mermaid style, with intricate lace and transparent tulle, as seen on celebrities on red carpets and appearances, […]

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    Charles & Ron Spring 2017 Collection Launch

    Charles & Ron, Malta’s leading fashion designer duo officially launched their Spring 2017 Collection at their flagship store in Valletta this week and of course I would not miss their lovely party organised by their dedicated team. It is always fun for me to not only get updated with the new lines but also catch […]

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    Asymmetric Splash

    If there’s one thing I do love about fashion — and trust me, I love a lot of things — it is asymmetric designs. Off-the-shoulder tops, asymmetric necklines, deconstructed shirts. Of course perfect symmetry is beautiful and safe. But maybe the tailoring world isn’t always supposed to be about what’s only classic and safe. Maybe […]

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    Bye Winter. Hello Spring

    Hello! It’s time to Welcome Spring and watch the colourful flowers grow! Welcome sunny days, picnics in the countryside, more outdoor fun and preparations for Easter falling on Sunday 14th April this year. I celebrate my birthday this season on April 7th and as always I have taken on a lot of work for the […]

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    I Just Joined Cynergi Gym

    Hi Guys and Girls! As many of you know, I love to exercise regularly. Since my very young years as a student at school, I have always believed in all the positive physical and psychological benefits of practising any form of exercise. I personally jog outdoors daily early morning and then fit in weight training […]

  • grazielle camilleri

    Women Stand Up and Be Bold

    Hi all. I hope you had an interesting weekend with families and got up to something interesting or good for you. The weekend is our favourite time to unwind and get some special things done. I personally had an extremely eventful one with Sunday spent with my family to get some well-needed rest and plenty […]

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    Nailed it at Niumee

    What do I look at to see how well-groomed a person is? Personally I always look at someone’s hands and hair first, then clothes and shoes when I meet someone for the first time. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than hands that are not taken care of and I’m not just saying this […]