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  • valentine gift ideas

    What to Get Him for Valentine’s Day

    It’s that month of the year when we are excited about February 14th. What to do? What to buy? Will he get me something haha Well, my husband and I always try to make every day count and every day special. We are both very relaxed with each other and that makes our relationship easy-going. […]

  • hoodie and denim blogger

    Hoodie and Denim

    Hi there! Hope you are having a great beginning to the year. We have just said Hello to February 2017. Despite the cold weather, we have had some cosy and heart-warming things to share every day including lots of Valentine related posts – what to do, what to shop for, which restaurants I ve discovered […]

  • PicMonkey Collage

    Little Black Dress for The Celebrity Night TV

    How many little black dresses can I wear and yet I can never have enough! This month started as planned with scheduled events and appearances including TV. The first TV programme I attended as a guest this year was on The Celebrity Night on F Living. Since I was invited to discuss my fashion and […]

  • kick Grazielle

    The Only Way is Up!

    Hi Everyone. Hope you are all well and in good spirits, prepared to face whatever the universe sends your way this week. Despite some emotional and logistic challenges I encountered, last week was one I conquered pretty well I would say. It is part of life to experience difficult moments alongside the great ones. It […]

  • tenerife blog

    Colour Pop in Tenerife

    The weekend is here. I love Fridays, always have! January is just flying past. January, albeit painful to get back to after the Christmas holidays, is in my opinion the best month to make new annual goals, to get best holiday deals and to stock up on classic items during the January Sales for the […]

  • river island

    Every piece of jewellery tells a story

    In life all you need is love but then again a little jewellery plus clothes and shoes and bags never hurt nobody right? One eloquent piece of jewellery is all you need sometimes to complement the beauty that is already there within you or to give that touch of class and sparkle pop to your […]

  • Ana Klaro fitness wear

    Spotlight on Ana Klaro Fitness Fashion

    If we must get fit and healthy, we might as well look great doing it. Right? I love to jog and dance and do some weight training every week, in addition to following a healthy diet, so for me what I wear really gets me all the more motivated to work out – not the […]

  • 15966531_10158085148920013_1872019852_o

    Embracing my new Chamilia Charm

    Hi All. Hope you are having a good week. I’m well, gliding through my first working week of the year, meeting new and existing clients at my marketing business, catching up with my little team and started producing new work projects for 2017 as per schedule. I also have had a little of bad news […]

  • 15966884_10158078481540013_1896792813_o

    Baby it’s cold outside

    On days like these, when the outside temperature in Malta is what my iPhone tells me – 10 degrees Celsius, there’s nothing else we can do than just get on with it and long for more favourable temperatures. If you have the luxury, escape to warmer destinations for a month or so and return in […]

  • 15856959_10158049728310013_274923969_o

    New Year, New Healthier You

    We all know that New Year’s resolutions are a bit like babies: They’re fun to create but extremely difficult to maintain! Each January, roughly one in three humans in the universe resolves to better themselves in someway. A much smaller percentage of people actually make good on those resolutions. Studies prove that while about 75% […]

  • new-year-new-lists-grazielle-camilleri

    New Year. New Lists

    Hello everyone! I hope you have all relished your Christmas and New Year celebrations and you have started 2017 with positive vibes and motivational intentions. If you follow my daily posts and Insta Stories on Instagram, you know that we’re still away on vacation, but we will soon be back in Malta to get back […]