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    I Just Joined Cynergi Gym

    Hi Guys and Girls! As many of you know, I love to exercise regularly. Since my very young years as a student at school, I have always believed in all the positive physical and psychological benefits of practising any form of exercise. I personally jog outdoors daily early morning and then fit in weight training […]

  • grazielle camilleri

    Women Stand Up and Be Bold

    Hi all. I hope you had an interesting weekend with families and got up to something interesting or good for you. The weekend is our favourite time to unwind and get some special things done. I personally had an extremely eventful one with Sunday spent with my family to get some well-needed rest and plenty […]

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    Nailed it at Niumee

    What do I look at to see how well-groomed a person is? Personally I always look at someone’s hands and hair first, then clothes and shoes when I meet someone for the first time. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than hands that are not taken care of and I’m not just saying this […]

  • Micro Scooters Malta

    Adventure Together with Micro Scooters Malta

    This weekend we had a lovely family experience! With help from Micro Scooters Malta, a special surprise for my two year old daughter Luna was organised. She had no idea what was going on when Kate De Cesare, owner of Micro Scooters Malta turned up with a gorgeous pink Micro scooter in a huge box […]

  • dubai boat show

    Dubai International Boat Show 2017

    This week while on holiday, we attended the Dubai International Boat Show held between February 28th and March 4th in the Dubai International Marine Club in Mina seyahi. This year this event marked a 25-year milestone with a global showcase of a myriad of yachts, mega yachts, accessories as well as spectacular new developments look […]

  • Jumeirah Zabeel el Sarey

    Streets of Gold

    If I previously was a person who believed that everything is possible, then this trip to Dubai has all the more strengthened my belief. A mere week in this destination was just enough to help me understand once again that when the human mind has a strong vision and is backed up by resources, there […]

  • brand influencer

    Brand Influencers on Social Media

    Influencer marketing is a powerful way to generate visibility for your brand. The concept is simple: Find an “influencer,” someone in your industry with a large social following and respect within the community. Then get this individual to share your material, engage with you or otherwise mention your brand. “There is a shift to focus […]

  • kiabi malta

    My KIABI €100 Shopping Challenge

    Shopping for clothes is tricky sometimes especially when it’s for clothes for kids because you just want to get them the cutest, most beautiful outfits with every shopping spree. However, children grow so fast and they only wear some items a few times! So what I tend to buy for my daughter is one occasional […]

  • music suite at the palace

    In a heart beat

    On Valentines Day, this romantic day filled with candy hearts, sweet talking, lots of chocolate and many extra kisses, feeling good is something I like to do. Not for my husband Marco alone, but for myself, because when I feel good, he’s happy, and so we are both happy. This Valentine’s Day, I didn’t put […]

  • alain mikli

    Spotlight on Alain Mikli eyewear

    Since I am totally obsessed with eyewear, and I have to have sunglasses to match every outfit, some of you have requested that I give some information about different eyewear brands every once in a while. It is always good to learn something from the fashion world and like this, I too get to do […]

  • Denim River Island

    New Jeans. New Me

    We all have our addictions and one of mine is Denim, and by denim I mean jeans. It seems like I can never have one pair too many and I’m sure that most of you out there feel the same way. You buy a new pair and you feel like a new person. Then you […]