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    Orange Dress at Radisson Blu

    The month of August is one full to the brim with outings and dinner appointments with friends and family and of course this week in Malta and Gozo islands everyone is celebrating the Santa Maria Feast. For a glorious day of feasts nothing beats August 15th which is also a public holiday. Seven localities hold […]

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    Proud To Be Maltese

    Hello everyone! Have I told you how proud I am of my country of origin – Malta? In particular I am proud of what the nation has accomplished with its own resources. Despite its tiny geographical size, it flourishes in commerce, tourism, quality of life and we proudly hear of several success stories from talented […]

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    Say Hi to The Lexmoto Milano

    Hello August! You are finally here. We get so creative with our fashion styles. A lot of us go on holidays or mini breaks to unwind and re-charge! Make sure to top up your wardrobes and suitcases with some must-have items. Our favourite stores have started their Sales and discounts so do pop in and […]

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    My Chamilia Journey Continues

    Wearing my heart on my sleeve and my biography on my wrist, Chamilia charms and jewellery do inspire creative self expression. Since I’ve started my journey and telling my story, whether it is a romantic sentiment, family topics, passions or things I love, I have found innumerable ways to personalize my jewellery. Thanks to 202 […]

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    Isle & Aqua Bikini rides waves at Vans Surf School

    The Canarian island is so beautiful . There’s no denying it. The water is clean, the soft beaches, lined with palm trees and the rocky beaches are intriguing; The sunsets are something else. Waves for absolute beginners, amateurs and pros, rights, lefts, lazy people. You name it. It’s here for all to explore! Featured Bikini: […]

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    A Day Out To El Médano, Tenerife

    This week I got this wanderlust craving, to go on a little solo adventure here in Tenerife in the Canary Islands, one to explore somewhere new and just see what I would find! As I looked at a local map, the sound of El Medano tickled my curiosity. I set myself a traveller’s day budget […]

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    Simply Zen

    Hi ladies and gentlemen. Hope you are feeling good and positive. Something to share with you today. Simply Zen is a new range of essential approach to treating hair and scalp I was introduced to at a hair seminar held about 2 months ago at the Radisson Blu in St Julians organised by Cortex Ltd. […]