Rosemarie Abela, Architecture in Fashion, Drew & Crew – Malta Fashion Week 2019

Another season of Malta Fashion Week #MFWA19 kicks off! I ll be attending most days, so I invite you to follow my socials mainly Instagram @graziellecamilleri and Facebook @ Blog by Grazielle for live video streams, comments and vox pops and anything fashion and lifestyle related. I’m planning to enjoy the shows and have a blast, and will be sharing as much as possible on my stories mostly, especially for those who cannot make it to be physically there with us!
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Rosemarie Abela

This time Rosemarie Abela, a Maltese fashion designer kicks off Malta Fashion Week 2019’s first day using an intricate mix of texture and fabrics to raise awareness about the quiet suffering of the ill with her collection titled “The Curer”. She is clever and talented to incorporate various medical related aspects without compromising on the elegance that her clothes have become renowned for. Here are some of the designs I personally preferred from this fashion show. Well done Rosemarie!




Photos by Bernard Polidano

Architecture in Fashion

This year, Architecture infashion has joint forces with Nasim Akhavan to present a collection in Malta Fashion Week 2019, showing East & West’s integration of art, architecture, culture and fashion throughout the years.

Veni Morgan’s handbag collection, Radian and Sheida Farrokhi Jewelry collection complimented Nasim’s collection very well.

This collection was extremely classy and stylish for the woman who is confident in her skin and has the attitude to compliment it. Here are some pics from this collection.

Thank you for having us at your show!




Photographs by Maria Mifsud

Drew & Crew

With a 15-year career as a stylist and designer, Drew Warhurst calls Drew & Crew ‘the culmination of a lifetime spent crafting designs that speak to people’. Now, in his 2019 collection, entitled SOS (Statements of Style), Drew elicits femininity in all its raw power and magnetism’ through bold, sexy and seductive designs.





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