Twistees celebrated 50 years in style at Strandfest

Hi everyone! Hope to find you well on this day you are reading my Blog Post! A few weeks ago, I shared the good news that I’m the privileged Brand Ambassador for Twistees the special Maltese snack.






A few weeks ago I attended the official party for Twistees 50th Anniversary held at Villa Arrigo across not one but two evenings with entertainment, live cooking and plentiful displays representing a wonderful selection of items represented by STRAND PALACE AGENCIES LTD, agents of Twistees and thousands of other products.

I had a great time mingling with guests, taking selfies and sampling lots of food and drink in their extensive portfolio. The highlight of these two days was the 50th Anniversary of Twistees. At some point, in Malta, we’ve all reached for a bag of golden cheesy Twisteesnd licked our fingers happily after enjoying the crunchy goodies inside. These delicious, cheesy bites are the perfect snack, capturing the hearts and taste buds of many Maltese and curious tasters worldwide.




About the company

Steve Calleja, the present managing director of the company together with his father Ray Calleja, continue to expand the company by becoming agents and representatives of a number prestigious international food brands. After 120 years, Strand Palace Agencies remains a thriving family run business with Zoe, John, Julia being the fifth generation members.

The portfolio of products and brands which Stand Palace Agencies Ltd. represents, and which have been built over the years, are divided into:
• Ambient – Snacks & confectionery, savoury snacks, biscuit, cooking oils & condiments, canned goods etc.
• Chilled – Cheese, salamis, fresh meat etc.
• Frozen – Meat, chips etc.
• Beverages
• Wines
• Household – Garbage bags, foil, toilet paper, kitchen rolls etc.
• Pet Foods – Snacks etc.



Some of our impressive portfolio`s brands include some of the best loved and most recognisable brands in the world:

• Pladis – Mcvities, Ulker, Go ahead!,Carr`s, Crawfords, Jacobs
• Lactalis – Galbani, Seriously Strong Cheddar, Bridel, Pochat, Valbro
• Intersnack – Chio, K.P, Pauly
• Grace Foods
• British Premium Foods
• Fisherman`s Friend
• Altinmarka
• Calnort
• Holland’s Pies
• Olio Basso, and many more.

Though its subsidiary Stand Palace Meats Ltd. the company now distributes Fresh and Frozen Meat all over the continent. With a constant investment programme in personnel , the latest technology, manufacturing, temperature control vehicles and cold storage facilities, the company achieves the highest standard of direct distribution to all the relevant outlets in Malta and Gozo.

Strand Palace Meats Ltd distribute to all the supermarkets, mini markets, grocers, wholesalers, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, bars, kiosks and cinemas, ensuring total efficient distribution coverage all over the islands. Our highly trained and experienced team of sales representatives, together with a team of merchandisers and promoters, visit these outlets on a weekly basis, transmitting orders in real time, and offering a next day delivery service, thus providing 100% customer support and customer satisfaction.

As the brand ambassador I really and truly enjoyed this event and I hope you enjoyed this informative update from me.






Until the next event, stay tuned to my socials Instagram and Facebook!



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