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Hi everyone! I have been asked many many times. “Do you sell your clothes and accessories once you don’t want them anymore?” So I decided to try out an ONLINE SALE to test the feedback of persons interested.

This first one was mainly a sale of BAGS including brands such as Gucci, Michael Kors, GUESS, Liu Jo, Tommy Hilfiger and much more. The event was held LIVE on Facebook at BLOG BY GRAZIELLE on the morning of Monday 8th April, the day after my birthday, and I held it from my home, with assistance from my friend Virag All the items were sold successfully and fairly within a couple of hours. We had lots of ladies bidding for their favorite items and everyone had a fun time online. The feedback has been incredible.





This was an unexpected one for me in that I did nt know if I could actually pull it off, but I did and Im glad I listened to my gutt and my friends’ advice to try it!

As a result, I will be holding another one after Malta Fashion Week and Awards around the first week of June, so if you wish to participate in the LIVE bidding or sell some of your designer bags, stay tuned to my Facebook Page Blog by Grazielle and my Instagram page @graziellecamilleri for my event announcements and be in touch there.








Thank you for your continued love and support and I would also like to take the opportunity to welcome all the new followers who have recently discovered my Blog by joining this Online Sale of my wardrobe items. The event reached over 40 K people organically and thus attracted a whole new following. Thank you all so much! Welcome to my Fashion and Lifestyle blog; I give my heart and soul into it.

Best regards to all!


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