Spring Reflections and Colour Trends 2019

It’s Spring time! There is no time of year that trumps the Spring season. Our productivity increases as the days get longer. Our moods are elevated as flowers start to bloom. We can feel the warm sun on our skin during morning runs. We start to long for ice-cream and before we know it, boots and blankets are replaced with sunscreen and salty swims.

Indeed January 1st is the day we all write out our yearly resolutions and promise ourselves to be better humans over the next twelve months. However once the seasons shift to Spring, we automatically crave a refresh, a mini life makeover. Out with the old and in with the new, it’s time to make way for some Spring sunshine!

Just as the flowers start to blossom in Spring, our wardrobes also flourish. For my wardrobe Spring means new dresses, bare legs and fun open shoes. Not that I don’t wear those all year round, I must admit I’m not the greatest fan of tights! I do love a fun dress paired with a leather jacket. It works every time!





Neon is here to stay. Pic Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited

I like to toughen up more feminine looks with bolder statement pieces. When I add that roughness and edge to outfits, I feel the most me. As they say, our clothing is a representation of who we are. Studded sunglasses and a hat give make me feel empowered and strong. I do love a more feminine princess flowy look but I admit my leather jacket will always be my number one.

Whether you are a ballerina, a banker or a biker, fashion allows you to be all three at the same time. Our clothes reflect our emotions, our posture and attitude. The right pair of shoes and wearing a favourite dress can transform a bad day into a brilliant one. The start of Spring is a chance to eliminate all the sneaky spiders weaving webs on your clothes’ hangers. Stick to your favourites but part with the items that don’t compliment the best version of you.



Dress: Monsoon Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

DSC_4809 (1)

Dress: Monsoon Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

Clothes are not just pieces of fabric. Clothes are mood changers and boosters of the self. When you know you look good, you feel good. Feeling empowered and confident makes you an unstoppable force accomplishing goals and dreams in both professional and personal circumstances. Indeed confidence does come from within but there’s no harm in wearing some heels to compliment our potential and focused mindset.

Welcome Spring! Not only do we adore you for your gorgeous blue skies and chirping birds. You give us time to spring clean our style and also our soul. Just as you allow the flowers to blossom, we also blossom into being better but unlike nature we do it with some killer fashion choices

Love to all today and always









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