Milan Fashion Week 2019 here I come

It’s time for travel again! This time, off to the home of fabulous pizza, fashion and legendary design. In the coming days, I will be attending Milan Fashion Week 2019, explosive days full of fashion shows, brand presentations and new discoveries.

When embarking on my adventures, I always like to set goals for myself. After all, certain experiences happen for a reason, that is to learn and understand new things about ourselves. Setting a purpose allows us to progress further. The purpose of this trip is to Enjoy The Moment. I’d like to share with you, a list of things I’d like to accomplish during my Milan trip, things that truly spark joy within.



1. Limitless laughs

Not only is Milan fashion week a celebration of creativity, design and the greatest fashion icons, it is also a celebration of friendship. Joining me in Milan, is one of my best friends and fellow fashionistas, Denis Aljush. Two bloggers, sharing a room, during fashion week, automatically means wardrobe explosion.Together we shall be bracing the cold and taking on Milan, attending several fashion events and shows. Good laughs are a guarantee, even when our Maltese legs slowly start to resemble icicles.

besties 2

2. Pizza town

Pizzerias, gelateria’s and cafes, there are endless delicious options in Milan. During this trip I would like to visit one of our favourite pizza spots Pizzeria 12 Gatti by the classic Duomo, and indulge in a delicious classic Italian pizza. I might have to visit more than once this time and maybe even attempt to befriend a true pizzaiolo for some local pizza tips. They’re absolutely scrumptious!

pizza 1

pizza 2

3. Fashion frenzy

It’s not surprising that Milan has been recognised as the world’s fashion and the design capital. On the runway and in the streets, unique style can be seen everywhere. Truly enjoying the moment, means embracing all that is around you. People watching is one of the best things ever! I want to take in all the colours and bustling creativity that the fashion community from all over the world has come to display and share. Some of the shows I’m really looking forward to are by the legendary designer Cavalli, Francesca Liberatore, Daniela Gregis, Manuele Canu, Alexandra Mura and many after parties!  Planning outfits and packing all essentials into a limited suitcase, is one stressful task but being able to celebrate fashion with such inspirational creatives is a true dream for any fashionista. -

fashion 1

fashion 2

fashion 3

4. Orange bubbles

As Frank Sinatra said, orange is the happiest colour. Who isn’t happy when they’re given vibrant bubbles in a fancy glass? I am ecstatic to be attending fashion week this year as a certified blogger/ press person by the Camera Nazionale della Moda. Celebrating that achievement with an Aperol Spritz in hand seems like the perfect party.

aperol 1

aperol 2

5. Mrs navigation

My schedule for the next few days is packed with events and outfit changes. With my new friend apple maps, I set out to attend all the events I have kindly been invited to and absorb the city culture around me. Inspiration comes from the most odd and surprising of things. Sometimes we are rerouted from our original direction for the better. I hope to return with a refreshed and inspired mind. After finding my way through the roads of Mexico, I now consider myself to be an improved navigator and aspiring apple maps expert. Hopefully I won’t get too lost but couldn’t be happier to be heading direction Milan.







milan 1

milan 2

milan 3 - - -
ometimes, we re lucky enough to catch the designers after the show for a quick pic!

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