Shimmer and Shine this Christmas

Christmas time is here and Christmas parties are the time to dazzle, shimmer and sparkle. This time of year gives us that extra excuse to go out of the way in terms of dressing and shining our most inner light. I love this time of year because I can wear more sparkly and shimmery things and I feel that my heart opens up so much more – more open to feel the love, to recieve blessings, to give attention to those beautiful persons I call “family”.  It is also time to love ourselves and to once again reflect on how blessed we are to be alive.

OK.. so let’s talk fashion for a tiny bit. You know me and sparkles! Never enough. Never enouuuuugh! So it’s so much more fun this time of year, that I can walk around during the day with sparkly shoes and larger accessories for breakfast and no one will blink an eye because it’s Christmas time and time to be extra jolly and free … and if they do, it’s OK! I can handle it. I will smile and spray some fairy dust on them with blessings of love.

That’s the spirit! Go for that shimmer and gold and allow yourself to have more fun this month! Weee… Gold boots for lunch, sparkly chandelier earrings for dinner, and shimmery tops for brunch. You are free more than ever to wear anything you like. Even the gentlemen, oh yes, you too can have a little fun you know! Show us how stylish and not boring you can be by not only wearing black clothes and by perhaps looking out for stylish or playful accessories to make you stand out from the crowd. Just an idea..

What do you think? Are we gonna have some more fun with our fashion styles this month?!! hmm ??


ACU_6850Wearing RIVER ISLAND – Hudson Group Malta

Venue – HUGOS Boutique Hotel




Photos by Carlo Jourdan

Ladies and gents, we are blessed with choices every Christmas and New Year season. From Jumpsuits, to cocktail dresses, to suits and coats in fascinating designs and textures, many accessories, we never have a lack of options. The trick or challenge is to pull off a look and to find a way of how to combine the selected items to appear fabulous together.

One tip I can give is that if you are planning a look be it for a special occasion, or just a lovely date night out with your friends, apart from choosing the dress or suit, please do plan to think about the matching accessories, the hair style and the make up – to create the full and finished look.

What use is a gorgeous dress or suit if we do not give our attention to all the other details. All the money spent on your outfit will not get its full potential, it’s best showtime if you do not set that time for the little details around it.




How I achieved this look

I chose this gorgeous classic dress to show on the BLOG as a Christmas Look from the new collection in at River Island in Malta.

This rose gold dress is one go to dress I always have in my closet this time of year. Why ?

1) It is sparkly
2) It’s colour is beautiful and is trending this season
3) The style is elegant and sophisticated
4) It is comfortable and not too tight and body hugging for both stand up or seated dining events
5) Can be worn with the hair down or hair sleekly pulled up

Here I paired it with nude and gold shoes and matching purse also from River Island. These accessories will be worn so many times by me this season! I will definitely get their money’’s worth. These basic types of accessories are also a must this season. Gold, silver, metallic.. Shimmer and shine ladies and gents. Shine your inner light and outer light too.






Was wearing:

Full outfit: River Island
Make Up: Janice @Make Up Mafia Oh I  love this look!
Hair: Camille’s Extensions at Mixa’s Salon
Nails: Niumee
Venue: Hugo’s Boutique Hotel

Photos by Carlo Jourdan

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