Yesterday we attended the official launch presentation of AGL at Milan Fashion Week. This is my second time attending after their event this February, and this time they surprised us again with a completely different theme, textures, colours and design feel, no repeats. Totally new designs! As you saw on my Instagram stories @graziellecamilleri I really enjoyed this launch event and posted many videos.


Travel is the inspiration for the AGL Spring/Summer 2019 Collection. The Giusti sisters offer creations that seem suspended in an endless journey throughout time and space, in a time where distances become shorter and fashion is universally shared. Travel is an integral part of the contemporary woman’s life, she is always with a suitcase ready to go and a need to bring along unique footwear, ideal for all the seasons and perfect for any occasion. Travel is also an escape for imagination, fed by fantasy and memories.

Sara, Vera and Marianna create their personal postcards, designing unique, evocative pieces, inspired by visited, or desired destinations. The color palette veers from soft desert sunset warm and neutral shades to exotic places bright tones and finally to international metropolises lights and contrasts. Skyscrapers and large architectural works evoke elegant, abstract designs, like the maxi sole model with layers of cork, leather and natural rubber in fluorescent color, or linear, conceptual designs like the geometrical shaped ankle boot, wrapping the foot like a glove, a distinctive mark of AGL footwear.

AGL SS19-202

AGL SS19-205

Travel also occurs between times periods and cultures like gladiator sandals reinvented with a feminine contemporary style and military boots made graceful by maxi bows and transparent details. A journey that begins in AGL workshops, where traditional Italian manufacturing techniques and technological progress meet in shaping high-quality footwear. A brand DNA representative Collection, possessing lightness and delicate femininity, respecting the family archives and AGL handmade strong tradition, offering iconic pieces.

AGL SS19-214

AGL SS19-216

AGL SS19-219

AGL SS19-209

AGL SS19-221

AGL SS19-224

AGL SS19-231


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About the brand


As far as Attilio GiustiLeombruni (AGL) is concerned, that says it all. One name, one brand and one passion span three generations. Following in the footsteps of grandfather Piero and father Attilio come three sisters, Sara, Vera and Marianna, forging a shared future. Their diverse skills focus on one goal: to carry on the success story begun in 1958 by creating minimalist, feminine footwear. Their products are contemporary icons of authentic quality. The whole world adores the exclusive, sophisticated mood of the dynamic and distinctive AGL collections.


Their timeless style blurs the boundaries between masculine and feminine in a new distillation of refinement and flair. Indeed, to AGL, footwear embodies a totally unique art. Over the years, the company has honed its expertise. As a result, it can guarantee shoes with all the smooth wearing comfort of a glove. Neat shapes, pure lines and precise patterns are the hallmarks of an AGL design. These accessories adapt readily into a perfect extension of the wearer, epitomizing ‘Art Couture’ in a new concept of luxury. That concept has been constantly and systematically redefined until it has come to denote originality and, above all, the personality of the wearer. Passion is in the Giusti genes. It has been AGL’s guiding star for over half a century. Now, more than ever.

Thank you so much AGL for the invitation and your warm welcome!

See you next time!



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