The striking fully tailored orange suit

Hi everyone! As the weather continues to get hotter and hotter, many ladies who enjoy dressing up to the office, panic and delve into the skirt-suit arena. But  for those who like to vary or perhaps are more comfortable with a little extra leg coverage, this season’s trouser suits are thankfully cooler than ever.

Offering up a relentless number of colour options via a whole manner of leg lengths and widths, there are suits to suit every style and body type.

The tailoring trend is massive again this upcoming season. From what we see at the latest Fashion Weeks and the online reviews from top fashion magazines worldwide, expect tailored suits to become the new style uniform, both in and out of the office.

Elegantly cut suits. The styling nipped and slimline showcasing fluid silhouettes. With a play on textures for the more adventurous ones. When I wore the white suit at Malta Fashion Week, I was so surprised with the amazing feedback received, so I thought I will look into more suits this upcoming season. They are very smart and comfortable, so let’s give it a go!

Suit by Rosemarie Abela / Necklace by Yana’s Jewellery



In this blog post, I take the opportunity to share with you the work of a local designer Rosemarie Abela. These photos of the orange suit from her latest Summer/Autumn Collection Al Magrib complements the subject I’m talking about today – The Tailored Suit – a classic style that has surpassed the test of time. I love the colour and the interesting fabric of this straight pant suit look, one which will be more suitable for the cooler months. I have received a number of inquiries lately from followers, in particular woman aged between 30 and 50 years old,  asking about ideas for the office and for weddings. These are woman who are not comfortable in tight dresses and prefer to be in a more classic style. So the trouser suit could be one exceptional option and you will find so many interesting ones around and online too. Just check the size variations in case you are disappointed when you order online and it is too small!

Rosemarie Abela herself has a soft spot for this suit and in fact, she herself wore the jacket at Malta’s Fashion Week held in May. Here’s a photo of Rosemarie the designer with one of the models at the end of the show below in this blog post. Rosemarie is a very talented, experienced and reliable woman for dress making and she is great to work with as she has an excellent charisma, so if you are looking to tailor-make a lovely suit or outfit for a special occasion, I highly recommend her services.




Jewellery by Yana’s

As you can see from the photos in my blog, there is a wonderful statement necklace with the colours to match the suit. This is no coincidence. Yana Azzopardi, jewellery designer and founder at Yana’s Jewellery had this piece specifically made for this photoshoot.

I have the pleasure to know  her personally and have worked with her on various occasions. Her pieces are very attractive, well priced and custom made to your budgets and specifications. Visit Yana’s page  to pick your favourite style >>
Note to self: I have not been wearing suits enough and I have a feeling that this Autumn/Winter that is gonna change! Watch this space 😉 Thank you ladies for working with me to share this look! 



Visit Rosemarie’s site here>



Photos by Krume Kirovski











This is Rosemarie Abela and as mentioned above, she wore this jacket herself on the launch day of her new collection at Malta Fashion Week 2018. Visit my Fashion Weeks section to catch all the blogs from that special fashion week in Malta, my home.


Photo by Kurt Paris

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