My Favourite Trending Sunglasses for Summer 2018

Summer is in full swing and one of the most fun things I like to do is to just look around and observe people’s outfits, to see who is sporting the coolest shades at the beach, at the trendiest cafes and at the coolest pool parties in town. Do you do it too? Well, when I’m not busy having interesting conversations, that is one of my most favourite entertaining pastimes – and you know what? – It’s free!

You all know by now, from my blog posts, and my Instagram Story videos that I am kind of obsessed with sunnies! All shapes and sizes and colours and brands and there are some days where I will change shades 3 of 4 times ie if I change outfit, I will wear the shades to match the style! It is an obsession of mine and my collection keeps getting bigger and bigger! I feel that sunglasses finish off the look. Sometimes they totally make or break a look!

Many of you are already planning some exciting summer vacation outfits, perhaps you are off to  some beach destination or perhaps a cruise, so don’t forget to pinch some sunglasses before you hit that beautiful holiday destination. While sunnies can often be a pain to shop for in terms of size, shape, and colour, I’ve compiled a list of pieces in a range of styles, from luxury fashion brands  thanks to my partners at Vision Opticians. Some are ones in my personal collection, some are ones I enjoyed wearing for one occasion – others are ones I spotted and absolutely LOVE. Hope you enjoy my Trending Sunglasses Picks of the summer 2018 season!



  1. I bought these Persols last year, and as seen at  various fashion events in Dubai, New York and Italy, I see that they are still trending for 2018. Being iconic Combining the best of design and technology, its unique shape has become an unmistakable brand icon over time. These can be styled with both elegant and casual wear.


2. These Pradas! I wore at Malta Fashion Week with that little black dress were a hit with my followers. If you want a WOW black statement piece from Prada, well Yesssss, these are simply to die for!



3. These NEW Gigi Hadid Special Collection for Vogue Eyewear have JUST LANDED  everywhere across Europe! Cool and sophisticated sunglasses and frames designed by Gigi Hadid herself. What’s more you can win a shopping spree worth €1000 when you get your new Vogue Eyewear from any Vision Optician outlets


4. These Michael Kors statement glasses look amazing worn with both colourful outfits as well as nudes!


5. These Ray-Ban Gold Signet with blue gradient lenses – a classic Ray-Ban with a modern twist for true brand follows and lovers of iconic pieces. These are a safe choice for a person who enjoys a classic touch to look but still wants a modern twist. With the blue lenses, this pair was one of my favourite styles.  I wore it with the orange fairy tale dress at Malta’s Fashion Week.


6. Circular lenses for that different look, trendy and elegant, making a statement in a subtle way. You will find this shape at any sunglasses shop. Have fun with them as they can really make the look for refined and fashionable.


7. These Miu Miu Noir Sunglasses with black crystal decorations are a show stopper every time- Miu Miu is a fun, playful fearless girly brand – the perfect touch to add drama to your basic go-to outfit or complement an already super-high fashion look.


8. These sleek and sophisticated like the way Ray-Ban do it so well with their aviators with mirror lenses. Aviators suit many face shapes and can be worn with both casual and super smart outfits and I LOVE aviators all year! You cannot go wrong with them!


9. Rayban flat statement shades blended with your favourite cocktail to make a cool mark at your next pool party!




10. These Prada Baroque Pilot oversized shield sunglasses – dramatic, shiny and daring. Love them with both smart and casual wear. Every time I wear them I feel like a super hero ready to save the day!

As you can tell, I love to have fun with sunglasses. The more the merrier for me as I like to change according to my mood and my outfit. It’s good to have both cheap and cheerful pairs to experiment with as well as a couple of designer pairs to wear with pride in celebration of fashion and creativity. Have fun with them is all I can say.

I hope you enjoyed my promotional blog in collaboration with Vision Opticians for some sunglasses inspiration.

Love and good vibes to you all!



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