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If you are reading this, I wish you such a wonderful week ahead. I do hope you are taking some time off to enjoy the simple pleasures of the summer season with your friends and your families! That little walk on the beach, that sniff of barbecue grill, wiping the melting chocolate dripping off the huge ice cream you ordered because you couldn’t decide which flavour to order, that smell of sun tanning lotion at the beach! Life is truly precious, and it is not to be taken for granted. Too much work, with no relaxation and time to breathe, teaches us over and over again that it does not give us the necessary balance we need to feel fulfilled and content. Life’s challenge is all about searching and managing that Balance. Yes, I am too planning to taking some time off this month to be with my daughter and my extended family and to enjoy some more time to dedicate to my new hobbies …You can follow us on our daily Instagram videos and stories at We’re always up to something fun in our own way!

What is my blog about today and what is the connection with FINO and the New Victorians you may ask? Following your huge interest in the interview with The New Victorians, which following my blog post have coincidentally hit no 1 on Malta’s Bay Radio Charts with the song “Lie Liar”, I have thought of giving you some more information about the furniture items used as props during the New Victorians’s latest show in Malta called MARA.


These were all sponsored by FINO, so to have a closer look at these,I took a trip to the beautiful FINO showroom last week and made sure to have some photos snapped of all the furniture that was used.




You can see a varied collection of chairs and tables which are all stylish and will appeal to various people differently according to their tastes.



The Rondine is a wooden chair in painted beech. They are available in several colours, such as blue, beige, red, black and white.


The Daisy chairs have frame in painted metal, padded seat upholstered in imitation leather, and polypropylene shell. .



The Suzy collection has an industrial look and it is made of painted metal structure. Both the stool and the chairs have laminated plywood seats, and the chairs also have laminated plywood backrests. Bar stool has height adjustable swivel. They are both available in several possible colour combinations such as Noce Vintage.
These are just a few styles. To see more options from FINO visit


The Relationship between FINO and the New Victorians – Interesting Facts

I would like to explain the relationship between the New Victorians and FINO and how FINO which although is a luxury furniture brand, is supporting local talents like The New Victorians because they are more than just a brand. FINO sees the potential in people, businesses and supports innovation and the arts too.

1. The New Victorians wrote and recorded soundtrack “Each piece is from the heart” for FINO’s marketing campaign 2017 / 18

2. They had performed live in the FINO showroom for the inauguration of new VenetaCucine showroom which was opened by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat

3. FINO had attended their release of music “Silence trilogy” and promoted their new tracks on all their social media sites

4. FINO sponsored the MARA shows before they headed off to Scotland

5. The shooting of the New Victorians campaign images were taken in the FINO showroom

6. Currently, there are discussions about possibly releasing “Each piece is from heart” as a single and filming the next music video in the FINO showroom.

I truly admire how relationships like these grow from strength to strength and it is wonderful to see how companies support people and local talent as well as focusing their energies on building customer loyalty and service.





Thank you for this opportunity to allow me to share this information.

I hope you enjoyed my feature in collaboration with FINO my luxury lifestyle partners today and I wish you all an enjoyable summer wherever you are and whatever you choose to do!



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